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Email is still king when it comes to increasing conversions in your business🤴. Apart from its huge ROI, email marketing also allows you to bypass things like tricky social media algorithms that regularly change, but it does come with its gatekeeper that can stop your emails from landing in your subscribers' inboxes: email deliverability 📧.

Here are a few tips to help you improve your email deliverability


Segmenting your email list is leveraging data that you have about your subscribers to send them highly personalized email campaigns 🕊. You can use data like location, profession, or specific actions (like clicking on a link or abandoning a cart) to segment your email list and boost your chances of getting higher open and click-through rates 👩‍💻.

But what have segmenting & personalization got to do with email deliverability?

Simply put, the more relevant your emails are to your subscribers, the higher the chance that they'll open, read and click links in your emails😌. All of these actions send out good signals to email services like Gmail that your emails are valuable to their users, which helps keep you out of the spam folder🧠.


Email marketing is a permission-based form of marketing🙄. This means you need permission from someone before you can start emailing them your newsletters and promos.

But buying email lists means you are gaining access to a list of contacts who have never heard from you before and have never permitted you to contact them😤. So when you show up in their inbox the likelihood of them listening to you is slim and most will simply report you as spam🤷🏻‍♀️.

Generating a high volume of spam complaints will seriously damage your sender's reputation (a score that ISPs like Gmail use to assess how trustworthy your organization's emails are) and skyrocket the chances of you landing in the junk folder😞.


You're way more likely to see a boost in your email deliverability if your list is squeaky clean 🧼. By that, we just mean that you're taking the time to re-engage inactive subscribers and remove people who haven't engaged with your emails in a long time.

Most reputable ESPs allow you to see and filter who hasn't opened your emails within a given timeframe. Do some investigating and check which subscribers haven't opened your emails in a 2-3 month period and try sending them what's known as a 're-engagement' campaign to win them back, but if they fail to re-engage then wipe them from your list 🧹.


Did you know that hundreds of words can trigger your emails to be sent directly to the spam folder? One of the ways that Gmail and other email services filter potential spam emails is by their subject lines.

If your subject line contains any "spam trigger words" then you might just trip a spam filter🙄.

5 Words that May Trigger a Spam Filter

  • Hello

  • Visit our website

  • Call

  • Offer

  • Click here

Avoid adding emojis to the subject line as well😅.

But what about the hundreds of other spam words? You can't learn them by heart, so it's best to use a tool like a subject line tester which can help you identify any potential spam triggers in your subject line😌.


While great open rates and click-through-rates are one way that email services like Gmail recognize quality emails that their users enjoy, there is no stronger engagement metric than replies to your emails😮.

Nobody takes the time to respond to spam emails and encouraging your contacts to hit reply and engage with your emails can be another great signal that your email content is valuable and worth making its way into your subscriber's inbox💬.

To encourage replies to your emails, ask your subscribers specific questions at the end of your emails or ask them to reply with their thoughts on your content. This works particularly well for individual creators who can leverage their brand to encourage this type of 1-1 engagement.🗣


Improving your email deliverability doesn't always require high technical skills 🧠. There are lots of ways to boost your sender's reputation and increase the chances of your emails landing in the right inbox without ever touching a line of code😌.

Taking the time to craft great emails, making them relevant by segmenting your audience, and making sure your list is built on trust and engagement is one of the best, long-term strategies to increase your email deliverability, not to mention the ROI on your email marketing😊.


Say hello to minisocial!

The go-to platform for creating elevated UGC while tapping into a tight-knit community of micro-influencers.

With minisocial, the proof is in the pudding. 🍮

Imperfect Foods knows what's up on paid. They regularly produce dozens of unboxing/testimonial-style video assets so they can strike gold on acquisition.

Care/Of produces authentic, reel-style content. Showing how their vitamins fit into your daily routine—all while using minisocial, ofc.

KRAVE Jerky shared curated customer stories. The food brand launched fully-licensed UGC assets with their latest minisocial campaign to help build authenticity on social.

Want to find out how other top DTC brands leverage minisocial for their marketing goals? Check out their HUGE library of case studies.

Have questions?

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It is no surprise that eCommerce is constantly evolving. Evolving all the more for dynamic industries like fashion 👗. With trends and consumer expectations changing faster than a blink of an eye, brands need a marketing channel that is quick, efficient, and personal to maintain a competitive advantage and cultivate customer loyalty.

Nowadays, everyone is on their phones, making it crucial for businesses to engage with shoppers via mobile-first channels.

 With a 98% open rate and time-to-read of 3 minutes or less, SMS marketing has become the go-to choice for many brands that want to stay one step ahead of their competitors and maintain close relationships with their audiences📈😮.

Moreover, as an owned marketing channel, SMS can help businesses collect valuable first-party data and use it to retarget shoppers with personalized and timely offers 🏷.

Here are 3 DTC brands that have successfully used SMS to grow their audience and drive sales while building loyalty:


As a global fashion leader with a solid customer base of primarily Gen Z consumers, it’s no wonder that Princess Polly and SMS were a match made in heaven💍.

Princess Polly keeps their Gen Z community engaged with consistent sales campaigns and loyalty updates😌. Text marketing enables the brand to segment customers into groups to deliver ultra-targeted messages, such as loyalty vs. non-loyalty members, and send unique discount codes via SMS based on their audience preferences and previous purchase history💻.


Being a family-owned brand with nearly 50 years of experience in the dynamic fashion industry, American Hat Makers were looking for new ways to engage with shoppers and remain competitive in the ever-changing landscape👒.

American hat makers adopted SMS to drive sales and foster 1:1 relationships. Having two-way communication with shoppers was a key growth driver for American Hat Makers. The company used powerful welcome messages to interact with shoppers and ask about their preferences, and then leveraged this information to send tailored product recommendations🤫. 

Casual conversations through a direct and personal medium such as SMS helped the brand use its authentic voice to boost engagement and nurture loyalty even further👀.


Till you collapse, a size-inclusive workout gear brand launched an out-of-the-box text marketing program that was cost-effective and low-effort: two adjectives every business owner wants to hear. 

Til You Collapse leveraged SMS to collect valuable feedback from shoppers that not only improved the quality of service but also helped them create personal connections and foster loyalty.

Well, these are a handful of examples of how SMS is turning into the king of marketing (exaggeration but you get it). It is the approach and the effort that matters. SMS marketing without any doubt is a trial-and-error win. Try out a few things, and see what works for you. (You will be surprised😯)


Running an E-commerce business is an uphill struggle🧗‍♀️. But can traditional chatbots make it easier? Probably. But do you know what makes it even better? CERTAINLY😌

‘Certainly’ is a conversational commerce platform that enables you to create a digital twin of your best salesperson. Just like in a physical store, ‘certainly’ proactively guides your visitors to the right section on your website, takes them to the right product, recommends relevant items, and helps everyone through checkout🤓.

With ‘certainly’ learn what your visitors are looking for at that exact moment, through conversations. NO MORE GUESSWORK.

The AI assistant personalizes customer experience, delivering dynamic support, reducing wait time, helping with purchases, checkout, order status, returns, and more. Provide smooth customer journeys and ticket deflection at scale, 24/7⌚️.

So, are you ready to change the conversation to ‘certainly’? Hurry up then. And, if you’re still not sure, you can check out their 14-day free trial here😊.


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