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We love it when a customer returns to our website isn’t it🥺? It shows that the customer is loyal to our brand. The return of a customer is a mark that they believe in our brand and want to stick to it.❤️

But, is it that simple for a customer to stay loyal to a brand? It’s not impossible (thanks to us🤭). Here are a few tips to boost your customer loyalty.


Everyone loves rewards. But, not most of them like to work for it. Make it easy for the customers to earn rewards that they can redeem easily.

You can incentivize your customers to engage on social media to build opportunities to interact with your brand outside of buying😌.

For instance: The customers can be provided with points upon engagement which can later be converted into redeemable discounts. (Like 1000 points $50 discount )

The main intent here is for them to engage with brands outside the purchase journey.


Referral points are a big YES! Offering points 🪙 just after a sale isn’t the best idea.

Here, if a person uses the referral code of an existing customer, then the new user can be provided with a reward.

For instance: $50 off on their first purchase if they use your referral code (or) free shipping on their first order when they use your referral code.

These little rewards and perks attract customers and leave a greater impact.


Customers undoubtedly enjoy monetary or non-monetary rewards and perks. A tiered VIP program is one of them.

Offering special and exclusive members-only perks will tempt the customers to sign up for the membership which drives loyalty🤩.

Isn’t this exciting? Perks and benefits for members are a great way to drive customer loyalty since the customers will want to make full use of the money they spent buying the membership🥳.


You can't boost customer loyalty without first understanding why your customers churn. Once you know the reasons 🤔, you can work to prevent and reduce customer churn by proactively dealing with issues.

Being able to identify and address these issues as early as possible will help you to prevent customers from leaving you🥺. 

Whether you use a customer survey in an email, after a transaction, or one-off, surveying customers and doing it regularly will help you identify trends and proactively solve problems. (but how many problems to solve🥲)

You can reward the customer for taking up the survey. For instance 10 points for taking one survey, or offering a discount on their next purchase.


No one wants to wait on hold 😴. This was true when waiting on hold was invented, and it's even more true now.

Providing service in a way that increases customer retention and loyalty starts with understanding what today's customers need🧠, which comes down to getting their questions answered and problems solved:



😌 Conveniently

You can do this by making the service easily accessible and on channels that they prefer.

Make sure that you don't have any unnecessary steps during the purchase process. Try keeping the process quick and removing unnecessary iterations.

Loyal customers are the most valuable asset for any brand to hold onto🙇‍♂️. Repeat customers typically spend more and generate larger transactions: According to a study from Bain & Company, the average repeat customer spent 67% more in months 31–36 of their shopping relationship than in months zero-to-six.😳

Also, let’s not forget how expensive it is to gain new customers than retain existing ones because rising ad costs and less ROI on them do no good.

It is like a relationship that you’re trying to establish while boosting customer loyalty.💍



For most retail brands, selling on Amazon follows a routine. 

Design appealing product detail pages, set up pay-per-click advertising campaigns, and do your best to gather product reviews in a compliant manner.

But there are many more tools ⚒️ and programs that Amazon has launched in recent years that somewhat fly under the radar.

Here are 3 tools and programs, all launched in the past 3 years, that brands are using which generally have lower adoption rates compared to the standard Amazon growth playbook.


The first - being quick to jump ✈️ on new advertising capabilities, is a game of skill, risk, and dedication. Sponsored Brand Video was first launched in beta in November 2019 and has offered great returns for brands who jumped in early.

Not to forget yet another benefit of video ads 📹 is that it leaves more impact than static images alone.

Make sure to play around with different lengths, on-screen text in-lays, and specific claims that tell the consumer more about why they should check out your brand.


Retargeting advertising is one more defensible strategy.

Retargeting ads allow your business to show targeted ads to the users who visited your website and didn’t complete a conversion 🥲– purchase an item, fill in a contact form, download a file, and so on.

The simplest way to think about these ads is to imagine them as the online way of converting regular window shoppers into buyers.😌

A Brand can run retargeting campaigns - either through

👉Sponsored Display ad type on Amazon’s self-serve advertising console.

👉Amazon’s DSP (Demand Side Platform)

And most importantly, Amazon ad retargeting is cost-efficient. Sellers can reach their buyers outside Amazon and raise brand awareness more fruitfully.


At first, shoppers could “follow” a brand through its storefront. Amazon didn’t promote this ability much, and it was unclear what the benefit for brands or shoppers would be for doing so. There was not even a way to count followers.

Today, shoppers can follow brands and engage through live video streams, storefronts, and “posts”.🤯

SmartSweets has been testing Posts out in recent months, and the trick is in persistent A/B testing to see what content shoppers engage with.

Most recently, brands can take advantage of a new tool that makes one’s follower count interesting: Manage Your Customer Engagement - a very complicated name for a tool that allows brands to announce new product launches via email to their followers.🧠

These three tools are underrated 🙄or rather not exploited fully to their benefit. Sponsored brand video ads, retargeting ads, and growing brand followers are highly functional ways that brands recently have been using to shoot up their sales and you should try them too😉.


Did you know text messages witness an open rate of 99% and CTR of over 35% It's about time you started using SMS marketing for your business, and SMSbump is here to help.

SMSBump is an SMS marketing 📲 automation software that helps companies in building an entire SMS marketing strategy within its platform.

Well, it enables E-Commerce Brands to send automated text messages containing all transactional updates, not just that you can create targeted and segmented SMS campaigns and track every text message from SMS clicks to detailed order info.

Just when you thought it was over…

SMSbump also sends out Abandoned Cart Reminders and shows you all data from Google UTM tags to campaign ROI stats to help you make better decisions.

So, what’re you waiting for? Get started with your text marketing campaign now through SMSbump and if you’re unsure about it then book a free demo now.🥳


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Pinterest to invest an additional $1.2M in its creator funds for underrepresented groups.

📲Twitter’s professional account setting is now available to all users.

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