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🚀 Why Running Ads for Out-of-Stock Products Can Boost Your Business
Insights from Brennan Tobin

Running ads for out-of-stock products may sound counterintuitive, but it’s a proven strategy that can benefit your business. Here’s why:

The Strategy

When a product goes out of stock, instead of stopping the sales, communicate to customers that you are “experiencing longer shipping times due to high demand.” This approach can yield surprising results:

  • Minimal Impact on Conversion Rates: The decrease in conversion rates and canceled orders is often negligible.

  • No Drop in Repeat Purchases: Customers are likely to remain loyal even with slightly longer wait times.

Why It Works

  • Maintain Revenue Streams: Stopping ads for out-of-stock products results in lost revenue. Keeping the ads running ensures continuous sales.

  • Ad Performance: Turning ads back on after a product restocks can lead to poorer performance due to learning resets. Maintaining ad momentum prevents this issue.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Customers often prefer to wait a bit longer for a product they want rather than not being able to purchase it at all.

Implementation Tips

  • Communicate Clearly: Be transparent about the shipping delays due to high demand.

  • Manage Expectations: Ensure your lead time for restocking is reasonable to avoid significant delays.

  • Monitor Customer Feedback: Keep an eye on customer satisfaction and adjust your strategy if needed.

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The Takeaway

It’s usually better to allow customers to purchase a product with a shipping delay than to risk losing them entirely. This approach keeps your revenue steady and maintains your ad performance, ultimately supporting your long-term business growth.


🚀 Google Enhances Merchant Center and App Campaign Targeting
Insights from Search Engine Land

Google is introducing key updates to its Merchant Center and App campaigns to boost conversion tracking and targeting precision for advertisers.

Google Merchant Center will now track conversion events beyond clicks on Shopping free listings, including those from Search results and other sources. This enhancement will offer merchants a more detailed view of performance data and improve the overall Google shopping experience. The expanded tracking will be automatically applied to all merchants using Google Merchant Center, with opt-out options available. This update underscores Google’s commitment to refining its shopping-related services.

Google has now extended Audience Signal Targeting to App campaigns, a feature previously exclusive to Performance Max campaigns. This enhancement grants advertisers more control over their App campaign targeting, potentially increasing campaign efficiency and performance. Previously, App campaign targeting was fully automated; now, advertisers can insert Audience Signals into their campaigns. Although Google hasn’t officially announced this feature, it has been noticed by advertisers.

These updates bring App campaigns in line with Performance Max campaigns, indicating Google’s move to standardize features across its automated campaign types. This provides advertisers with enhanced tools for improving ad performance and campaign management.


🌞 Maximizing Meta Conversions During Summer Sales
Insights from Northbeam

With 4th of July sales heating up, Meta is experiencing a notable boost in conversion rates. Although not the most significant holiday, it offers a strategic marketing opportunity for brands selling seasonal items like beer koozies. For others, it’s the perfect time to prepare for upcoming campaigns.

Navigating “Ecom Summer”

We’re currently in “Ecom Summer,” a time when ecommerce typically sees a dip as consumers focus on vacations and outdoor activities. This period is dominated by the need for summer essentials like sunblock and beach umbrellas. Despite this slowdown, there’s a silver lining for marketers.

Optimal Period for Creative Testing

Summer presents an excellent opportunity to create and test new ad content. Here’s why:

  • Visual Appeal: The season’s outdoor settings are perfect for vibrant and engaging video and photo shoots.

  • Content Availability: College students and vacationers can contribute fresh, diverse user-generated content from various locations.

  • Contextual Advantage: With no significant cultural buying pressure, ad performance from June to August is driven purely by the quality of content and strategy, uninfluenced by seasonal trends.

This period is ideal for testing hooks, creative ideas, and unique selling propositions (USPs). Ads that perform well now can be scaled up in Q4 for significant gains during the peak holiday season. Use this “Ecom Summer” to fine-tune your strategies and lay the groundwork for a successful year-end.


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✖️ X rejoins the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) to reassure ad partners about brand safety to counter negative perceptions following Elon Musk’s takeover, which saw many brand safety measures abandoned.

🧞 TikTok is developing "Genie," an AI chatbot to enhance user engagement. Users can pose questions in-stream and receive immediate responses.


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