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🔍 Marketers Embrace Econometrics Amidst Cookie Phase-Out

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🔥 How to Find Viral Keywords for Traffic Opportunities
Insights from Louis Smith

Finding viral keywords can be a game-changer for driving traffic to your e-commerce site. Here’s a step-by-step guide to uncovering these golden opportunities using free Google tools.

The Challenge of E-Commerce Navigation

E-commerce navigation is crucial. Poor navigation can hurt profits, while strategic navigation can drive transactional traffic. One common mistake is cluttering the main navigation with too many pages. Instead, focus on promoting “hot” products that are currently trending.

Steps to Identify Viral Keywords

Here are 7-step strategy to find “hot” products and drive traffic:

  • Fire up Chrome: Open your browser and prepare to dive into Google Trends.

  • Head to Google Trends: Go to Google Trends and enter your primary keyword.

  • Search Your Keyword: Analyze the search volume and interest over time for your keyword.

  • Find Breakout Related Topics: Look for breakout topics related to your keyword. These are rapidly growing searches that indicate a trend.

  • Run a Website Crawl with Screaming Frog: Use Screaming Frog to crawl your website and understand its structure.

  • Export GSC Data: Export your Google Search Console data and import it into Google Sheets for analysis.

  • Use Vlookup to Count Internal Links: In Google Sheets, use Vlookup to count the number of internal links pointing to each page. Ensure your “hot” products have ample internal links to boost their visibility.

Capturing Viral Product Traffic

E-commerce is dynamic. Influencers can spike product demand overnight. Are you ready to capture this traffic?

Tip: Make sure your site links to virally searched products. This ensures you’re capitalizing on trending searches.

Why This Works

By focusing on viral keywords, you’re tapping into high-demand search queries. This method helps you stay ahead of trends, ensuring your site captures traffic for products people are actively searching for. Plus, aligning your internal linking structure with these trends can boost your site’s overall SEO performance.

Are you leveraging virally searched product keywords to drive traffic? If not, now’s the time to start.


🔍 Marketers Embrace Econometrics Amidst Cookie Phase-Out
Insights from Econsultancy

What’s Up? With the impending demise of third-party cookies, marketers are increasingly turning to econometrics to gauge campaign success, according to Marketing Week’s annual ‘The Language of Effectiveness’ report, in partnership with Kantar.

The Breakdown:

  • Econometrics, or media mix modelling (MMM), uses statistical analysis to evaluate the effectiveness of various marketing activities by considering all relevant factors. After accounting for all influencing variables, it helps marketers determine the sales impact of different channels, such as TV advertising.

  • Interest in econometrics has seen a notable rise. In 2023, 18.8% of marketers said they were neither using nor considering econometrics. This figure dropped to just 6% in 2024. Meanwhile, those contemplating but not yet using econometrics grew from 27.4% in 2023 to 44.7% in 2024. Additionally, the percentage of marketers actively using econometrics increased from 40.9% to 45.9%.

  • Despite growing interest, fewer than half of marketers are utilizing econometrics due to its high cost, making it feasible mainly for brands with substantial budgets. In 2024, 31.6% of businesses reduced their overall marketing budgets, up from 21.6% in 2023, which may explain the reluctance to adopt this method fully.

  • Jessica Myers, Chief Customer Officer at The Very Group, highlighted the need for alternative attribution models based on first-party data as third-party cookies are phased out. She noted that combining models, including econometrics, provides a more comprehensive understanding of campaign performance.

As third-party cookies are phased out, marketers must adopt reliable methods like econometrics to measure campaign effectiveness. This shift emphasizes the need for integrated and comprehensive approaches to marketing attribution in an evolving digital environment.


📊 Changes in Social Media Preferences
Insights from Search Engine Journal

What’s Up? A recent Consumer Pulse survey by Sprout Social reveals notable changes in social media usage, significantly affecting brands.

The Breakdown:

Instagram has surpassed Facebook as the top social media platform, with 65% of respondents using Instagram compared to 64% on Facebook. This survey involved 1,009 US and 1,050 UK consumers who follow at least five brands on social media, providing a useful yet somewhat skewed perspective.

45% of consumers have taken a “social media detox” in the last six months, with 51% planning to do so in the next six months, suggesting a growing need for breaks from social media for mental health reasons.

  • Content Preferences: Consumers are most entertained by “edutainment” (65.5%), memes (40%), serialized content (38%), one-off video skits (38%), and interactive content like polls and stickers (34%). High production value remains essential for engagement.

  • AI-Generated Content: A majority of consumers believe AI-generated content should be disclosed, with 33% thinking brands should be responsible and 29% believing social networks should handle it. Additionally, 46% are less likely to buy from brands using AI-generated content, and 83% think AI will further flood their social feeds.

  • Unfollowing Trends: 43% of consumers are likely to unfollow brands with unoriginal content strategies, and 42% will unfollow brands working with misaligned influencers. Posting frequency also affects unfollowing behaviour, with younger consumers more likely to unfollow for infrequent posting and older consumers for excessive posting.

These insights can help brands refine their strategies to better connect with their audiences, emphasizing the importance of high-quality, shareable content and transparency about AI-generated posts to boost their social media impact.


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