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💸 TikTok Shop’s $9 Million Secret
Insights from Jake Abrams

A company named “Microingredients” has shockingly amassed $9,080,000 from TikTok Shop in just 30 days. But there’s a twist—it's all built on a fabrication.

Affiliate Dominance:

Microingredients’ success is largely driven by its affiliates, with 99% of their revenue from TikTok Shop sourced this way. Notably, 18 affiliates have each generated over $100K in revenue in the last month. This level of affiliate contribution is extraordinary.

Impressive Sales Volumes:

Despite an average product price of around $25, the sales volume is through the roof. In the past 30 days alone, 175,850 units of Collagen Peptides were sold. The numbers keep skyrocketing every time the sales data updates.

The Ad That’s Killing It:


This woman started CRYING after taking this collagen 🤯 #microingredients #microingredientscollagen #antiaging #antiagingskincare #hairheal... See more

One popular ad on TikTok may sound familiar: 

“Did you see the video of the woman who started crying because her wrinkles vanished after she started using collagen?” 

This Hook is particularly effective due to its perceived authenticity, promise of immediate results, and the FOMO it creates.

The ad typically features an influencer showcasing Microingredients' collagen powder, claiming it was used by the woman in the anecdote.

This is the exact narrative widely used by most of their affiliates. 

But when investigated, the so-called viral video does not exist—nor does the woman. A quick Google Search revealed that the images from these TikTok clips are actually from an older article about Botox and fillers.

And that’s the masterpiece, leverage affiliates, focus on high-volume sales, and craft captivating hooks to thrive on TikTok Shop.


🌐 Google Advances Video Ad Targeting at 2024 NewFronts
Insights from Social Media Today

What’s Up? At the 2024 NewFronts, Google introduced a range of advanced video advertising features, significantly enhancing streaming placements and deploying new data tools and AI-driven capabilities for audience creation.

The Breakdown:

  1. Expanded Streaming Placements: Google has extended its partnerships with key streaming giants like Disney, Paramount, NBCUniversal, and Warner Bros. This broadens the placement options available to advertisers, enabling them to engage with larger and more diverse audiences.

  2. Instant Deals Feature: Integrated within the Display & Video 360 platform, this new feature allows marketers to swiftly set up customized deals with top publishers. Initially available for select YouTube placements, plans are underway to extend this feature to include major publishers like Disney.

  3. Commitment Optimizer Tool: This is designed to help advertisers manage their ad inventory more effectively, ensuring optimal budget utilization and enhancing ad performance through smarter allocation strategies.

  4. Advanced-Data Matching with PAIR: Google is improving its Publisher Advertiser Identity Reconciliation (PAIR) process. In collaboration with the IAB Tech Lab, Google is working towards developing open standards that enhance the transparency and accuracy of targeted ad delivery.

  5. AI-Driven Audience Targeting: Leveraging conversational AI, Google has introduced a tool that simplifies the creation of detailed audience segments. Advertisers can now define their ideal customer profile using natural language, making the targeting process more intuitive and precise. 

Google’s enhancements streamline and optimize video advertising. These. With these new capabilities, Google is setting the stage for a transformation in how brands connect with their audiences, catering to dynamic needs. 


 🎥 Q1 2024 Digital Ads Benchmark Report: Video and Display Advertising

The Q1 2024 Digital Ads Benchmark Report provides an extensive overview of video and display advertising, with key findings on platform performance and spending trends across YouTube, Netflix, and other streaming platforms.

The Breakdown:

  1. YouTube and Streaming Platform Trends:

  • YouTube Growth: Advertising spending on YouTube increased by 18% year-over-year, with a 21% rise in impressions and only a 3% drop in CPMs—indicating a pricing recovery.

  • Expanded Streaming Ad Spend: Platforms like Hulu, Netflix, and Disney+ experienced a 12% increase in ad spending, driven by consistent impression growth and a slight rise in CPMs. Notably, Netflix attracts premium ad rates significantly higher than its competitors.

  1. Platform Usage Shifts and Campaign Dynamics:

  • Shifts in Viewing Preferences: There's been a 36% increase in ad spending on YouTube via TV screens, now accounting for 30% of total YouTube ad expenditures. Reflecting the shift towards TV-based streaming ad consumption, even as mobile leads real-time bidding (RTB) streaming ad spend.

  • Campaign Adjustments: The transition from Discovery to Demand Gen campaigns in Google's advertising tools saw a slight decrease in early 2024 adoption despite new inventory options like YouTube Shorts, highlighting the need for brands to adjust strategies amid evolving platform capabilities.

  1. Ad Network Performance and Strategic Implications:

  • Google Display Network and Amazon DSP Insights: GDN saw a 10% year-over-year increase in spending, bolstered by a mix of display, app, and video inventories despite lower impressions. Amazon’s DSP also reported an 18% growth, with Connected TV’s share of DSP expenditures reaching new highs.

Advertisers must continue to adapt to these dynamic market conditions, leveraging shifts in device preferences and platform enhancements to optimize ad performance and engagement.


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