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In the previous newsletter, we saw 5 ways to reduce the cart abandonment rate. Just when you thought it was over (emoji). Here is part two on how to reduce cart abandonment!


The last thing you want is for a customer to question if their order went through successfully😒. Having a fast-loading page can satisfy your shoppers’ demand for a speedy checkout experience. 

Not only will your customers be happier, but they’ll also be more inclined to buy additional products 🛍 from your website because they wouldn’t have to wait as long. 

Shoppers do not like to have a buffer time between the buying process and buying execution (just like we don’t 🤫). Hence, the “loading” here is a big NO-NO ❌ because it becomes a major reason for cart abandonment.


Sometimes, during the buying process, customers tend to have certain queries that they would like to be addressed before the purchase process. The live chat  🧑‍💻 feature is brilliant when it comes to issues like these. 

You’re probably wondering “Will people not buy from a website if there isn’t a live chat option? Why would they abandon a cart if there isn’t a live chat option”

Well, let me tell you that sometimes the queries are more than just minimal doubts😌. People will want instant answers to their queries (just like how they would get answers if they were shopping in person 🧠). 

The live chat option will also make the customers feel more connected 🔌 and have an interpersonal touch.


By clearly showing customers where they are in the checkout process, you’re eliminating the potential worry that buying something from you is going to take more time than the prospect is willing to commit.

It assures visitors that they’re almost done ✅. It also helps eliminate ambiguity and makes the process clearer and easier for customers to understand.


When designing your eCommerce checkout pages, you don’t want anything – anything – to come between your customers and a satisfying, rewarding 💰, and ultimately seamless shopping experience. 

However, if you’re only offering a single payment option (or very few choices), you’re putting unnecessary obstacles between your prospects and your sales.

Offering more payment options minimizes – or eliminates – another potential reason a customer has to abandon their cart and take their business elsewhere. 💰💳🏦

Sure, the more payment choices you provide, the more hassle it is for you as a business owner (and the higher your merchant services fees may be), but you’re giving your customers what they want, and that’s what it’s all about ☺️.


Once a product has been added to the cart, a very obvious call-to-action button is extremely important.

As you can see in the picture above, the CTA “CHECKOUT” is crystal clear 🔮. It tells the customer that the next step from here is proceeding to buy.

Ambiguous CTAs like “proceed” or “next” can confuse the customer and hence it is important to have a CTA but a very clear CTA.

“Tips to reduce cart abandon rate” is an ocean 🌊 . Every point is interconnected with another point. However, these were a few important tips that will help your eCommerce store. 

Take one step at a time 🚶‍♀️, create a strategy, and go ahead with implementation. No doubt this is a trial and error exercise but what’s the fun without a little brain teaser right?😉



Big corporates are guilty of the bandwagon effect having jumped onto the NFT hype train but failing to accurately leverage the ideology behind these trendy projects 🤷🏻‍♀️. 

The success of an NFT is not determined by the floor price, but rather by the community that has been cultivated🤫. Inspired by the gaming community 🎮, let's see how brands can use NFTs as a foundational tool to connect with consumers to drive engagement and boost loyalty.


Brands have been riding on the gaming and esports 🎮 wave for reasons beyond diversifying themselves with another digital channel.

Consumed by over three billion gamers worldwide (over 40% of the world’s population), the community is what the brands lust after, capitalizing on entertainment to build brand equity within the virtual world😮.

With the gaming community now comprises of individuals with different personalities and niches, brands hawk over the prized opportunities to connect with a fresh group of audiences😶.


Video games are designed to be addictive (nothing new😂).  While traditionally players paid to play, blockchain games have shifted to a play-to-earn model, integrating crypto tokens and NFTs as a rewarding mechanism for gamers. 

For example, UniX is a community-centric platform that enables gamers to generate revenue and even earn scholarships, through virtual games. 

While many brands started with designing avatar 👽 skins as an entry point, these virtual collectibles provided no real value other than in-game skills or plain aesthetics. 

Cosmetic skins are also not available to be transferred to other virtual environments nor have any trading value, which is why developers have now evolved to blockchain games that allow consumers to own their assets as NFTs.

Luxury label Louis Vuitton 🤑 is active in gaming collaborations and has recently launched its own mobile game 🎮 with collectible NFTs as a reward. A shift to in-game NFTs is rising in popularity as users can now own digital assets as rare collectibles, with an opportunity to flip for profit. (OMG😮)

Where previously users paid to play and gave away data for free🤷🏻‍♀️, the new generation of the gameplay industry grants ownership to players and rewards them for their time and engagement spent in games. 

Today, consumers seek to be compensated for their loyalty and earn the title of brand ambassador for their favorite brands ☺️.


The metaverse is not designed to be another retail channel nor a marketing campaign, but an avenue to initiate engagement with consumers and to give them the power to own and direct the brand they love 🧲. 

Encouraging user-generated content and rewarding loyal followers with brand equity will be the future of loyalty programs to drive brand advocacy.

NFTs are to be used as a storytelling 🗣 component to convey brand value through the new era of decentralized networks, and to build a strong 💪 community of support through human, and social connections.


You know that reviews play a major role in making a purchasing decision right? Especially the positive ones. Let’s prove it to you!

90% of consumers say that positive online reviews influence their buying decisions. Well, Opinew is here to help you with that.

With Opinew, you can collect all your best reviews, show the best ones, and the best part is that it does not slow down your website😮

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