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“Add to cart” is probably one of the most favorite forms of chilling for people😎. Jokes aside, adding to the cart is simpler than actually checking out because it is a one-click process that just saves your choices. But, what about cart abandonment? Well, as much as people love “add to cart”, we hate cart abandonment to that extent.😞

What to do now? Don’t you worry! We got this for you. Here are a few ways you can stop cart abandonment.


Everyone hates any additional costs which are added as a surprise during checkout.

When you’re trying to buy a sweater worth $100 and by the time you're checking out the sweater becomes $150 💸dollars due to taxes and shipping charges it becomes a huge turnoff.

One good solution to this is to offer free shipping but add taxes that vary globally. Also, keep in mind to show the estimated value before checkout.😌


After tediously searching for the items you want to purchase, the last thing you want to do is SIGN UP😩. The satisfaction people get after adding things to the cart just vanishes away by the time they sign up or log in. (out of experience😅)

To stop that from happening, make sure to include GUEST CHECKOUT. This way they will not have to go through the additional step of logging in or signing up.

Offering both guest checkout and account creation options places consumers in the driver’s seat and provides a smooth checkout🧠.

If you do require registration, make sure you allow one-click social sign-in.


Sometimes, customers can have second thoughts about their purchase during checkout. Sometimes, they might abandon the whole checkout process to go and reassure themselves about the product. What to do in this case?

Including thumbnails of products throughout the checkout process can be a way to reassure🤝 customers of their current purchase.

During an in-person purchase, customers can see and feel the item they are buying🛍 — something they can’t do during an online purchase. Product thumbnails are especially useful for keeping these products top of mind during the entire checkout process.


Creating a sense of urgency means letting customers know that whatever discount or promotional offer you have won’t last forever.🕰

One of the best ways to do this is with a countdown timer:

The basic idea here is to show your customers that they’re missing out on an amazing offer and that only a few minutes/hours remain to avail of the offer. This creates a sense of urgency to buy what’s in their cart 🛒.

Start the timer when the user first sees the campaign, rather than beginning on a specific date. This allows you to fairly create urgency for all of your visitors and motivates the hesitant buyers to go through the entire checkout process.


This tip, however, is worth doubling down on. That’s because it’s so important to use trust badges and social proof across your site–both before and during checkout.

Trust badges 🤝 are small icons or markers that let your visitors know that your site is secure. These are things like a money-back guarantee stamp or secure payment options at the checkout.

You’ve likely seen these before. They look something like this:

These small icons can go a long way in making your customers feel more confident about your website, products, and services.😌

If we want to get rid of the heartbreak 💔 aka cart abandonment then we have to go through these tricks. No doubt, the journey to the cart is easy but the real hustle is the journey from the cart to “payment is done” 🤩.



The creator economy is booming 💥, powered by the rise of content creators across platforms such as blogs, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Fuelled by the pandemic, the industry is set to be worth an estimated $104 billion 💸 in 2022 and shows no signs of slowing.

With legions of fans, these creators are now making products that can be sold directly to their audience.

With a growing desire from consumers to connect to and buy from people who share their values and interests, is fandom the new brand loyalty? 🤔


"Creators are the new brands," states Chris Lamontagne, CEO of Spring, a leading creator-commerce platform. Spring, which is home to over 9 million creators, allows its users to design products and sell them through social integrations.

"Legacy brands have got a big challenge 💪 to stay culturally relevant because creatives are going to be the real powerhouses of commerce in the future," he elaborates.

Supported by a global network 🕸 of production and logistics partners, Spring allows creators to service a global network of fans. They see the creators as "almost borderless".

For example, "they can be US based, but have an audience in Mexico or India." This gives them worldwide reach and access to a huge customer base.😮


Totally at home in their digital worlds, creators are perfectly placed to sell products. Blending videos about their upcoming launch with their typical content, they are experts at ramping up excitement for the potential customer.

Add to that their ability to create communities with their inside jokes🤡 and to imagine which products will make their fans feel like they belong and the potential for creators to generate demand for their products is impressive.


The ability of the creators to harness the technology now available to blend content and commerce is one of the factors driving the growth of creators as sellers. But above all, is this more about their ability to create communities and "true fans"?

Leaving legacy brands with the question - how do they harness, or compete with, this growth in creator commerce?

To this Lamontagne says: "I'm not sure you follow a brand on social media because you want to hear what the brand has got to say. Whereas you follow a creator because you are either pulled towards that person's content or who they are and what they represent."

As the creator economy continues to grow 📈, legacy brands would do well to consider if, or how they can translate existing brand loyalty into a deeper and more enduring fandom that many consumers crave.


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