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🚀WONDERSKIN’s TikTok Success with Viral Hacks

👀 Instagram's Algorithm Update: Elevating Original Content and Small Creators

🚀 Google Enhances Performance Max Campaigns with AI-Driven Features

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Steal this social growth hack from Nvidia and SaaStr

Short video is the #1 way that brands grow on social today.

But you probably don’t have time for it, right?

Neither do marketers at Nvidia and SaaStr — That’s why they use AI tools that do all the legwork for them, allowing them to post hundreds of shorts and get hundreds of thousands of views.

Here’s their strategy that you can rip:

  1. Start with any of your company’s video assets, like a webinar

  2. Upload it to OpusClip, and the AI will cut it into clips with branded captions, B-Roll, and more

  3. Use OpusClip’s social media scheduler to queue 2-3 clips per day.

  4. Repeat 1 → 3


🚀WONDERSKIN’s TikTok Success with Viral Hacks
Insights from Loukas Hambi 

WONDERSKIN, a prominent advertiser on TikTok, has mastered the art of engaging a broad audience through innovative social media strategies. Here, we break down their use of 'Viral Hacks,' a native framework that has proven effective across various brands.


Best longwear lip colour? Wonder Blading by WONDERSKIN

1. Implied Endorsement:

  • Technique: Utilizes implied endorsement to leverage social proof, subtly suggesting popular approval without overt declarations.

  • Impact: This method enhances credibility and trust among viewers, capitalizing on the communal influence prevalent on social platforms.

2. Engaging Visual Effects:

  • Technique: Incorporates green screen and split-screen effects to maintain high viewer engagement and interest throughout the video.

  • Impact: These dynamic visuals keep the content engaging, helping it stand out in the fast-paced TikTok feed.

3. Building Anticipation:

  • Technique: Introduces the desired outcome before showcasing the product itself, effectively building anticipation and curiosity.

  • Impact: This approach ensures that viewers are hooked by the potential benefits before they even see the product, increasing the likelihood of a positive reception.

4. Authentic Presentation:

  • Technique: This avoids a sales tone to foster authenticity and build a genuine connection with the audience.

  • To achieve this you need to have the right creators, and to find the best creators for your brand you can check out, Insense. They automate the whole process for you, so go on and book your free strategy call with them and get $200 as a platform bonus, while saving 40+ hours of your team each month. 

  • Impact: This strategy resonates deeply with viewers tired of overt advertisements, enhancing brand trust and relatability.

5. Platform-Specific Content:

  • Technique: Tailors the pace and style of videos to fit the unique preferences of TikTok and Instagram users.

  • Impact: Ensures that content feels native and relevant, which is crucial for engagement on platform-specific feeds.

6. Relatability and Trend Integration:

  • Technique: Aligns content with popular formats like 'Get Ready With Me' (GRWM), tapping into existing trends within the beauty community.

  • Impact: This relatability encourages viewers to engage more deeply with the content, increasing its potential to go viral.

This strategic use of viral hacks on TikTok demonstrates a powerful way to engage and expand an audience. This approach not only amplifies their presence on social media but also sets a benchmark for others looking to capture attention in a saturated market.


👀 Instagram's Algorithm Update: Elevating Original Content and Small Creators
Insights from Social Media Today

What’s Up? Instagram has rolled out a significant algorithm update aimed at enhancing the visibility of original content and supporting emerging creators, marking a shift in the platform's content strategy.

The Breakdown:

  • Discouraging Reposts: The new algorithm will penalize aggregator accounts by reducing the visibility of reposted content that appears more than ten times within 30 days. This move aims to curtail the prevalence of non-original content in user feeds.

  • Labeling and Crediting Original Content: To ensure original creators receive proper recognition, Instagram will now label reposted content, directing users to the source. The updated algorithm will favor original content in the recommendations feed, especially when duplicates are identified. 

  • Boosting New Creators: Adjustments have been made to the content ranking process to increase the visibility of newer, smaller creators, helping them to gain exposure and grow their audience more effectively.

Implications of the Update:

  • Creators and brands may need to adjust their strategies to focus more on originality to align with the new algorithm preferences, potentially leading to a shift in the types of content produced.

  • This could boost morale among creators and brands who have previously seen reposts of their work receive more attention than their original posts, encouraging continued innovation and engagement.

The impact of these changes on user engagement and satisfaction will be critical to monitor, as it could significantly influence content discovery and consumption patterns on the platform.


🚀 Google Enhances Performance Max Campaigns with AI-Driven Features
Insights from SEJ and SEL 

What’s Up? Google Ads has introduced a series of AI-powered updates to its Performance Max (PMax) campaigns, aiming to improve the efficiency and ROI for advertisers by leveraging advanced targeting and optimization technologies.

The Breakdown:

  1. Advanced Targeting Features:

  • Customer Value Mode (Beta): Focuses on attracting high-value customers by improving targeting accuracy, thereby enhancing the quality of customer interactions.

  • Customer Retention Goals (Beta): Aims to re-engage customers with declining activity, enhancing customer loyalty and encouraging repeat engagements.

  1. New Analytical Tools:

  • Expanded Demographics: Offers detailed insights into audience age and gender, allowing for more precisely targeted campaigns.

  • Budget Pacing Insights: Provides real-time analysis of spending against performance, enabling better budget management.

  • Account-Level IP Address Exclusions: Allows exclusion of specific IP addresses to increase campaign efficiency by avoiding unproductive interactions.

  1. Optimization and Testing:

  • Final URL Expansion (Beta): Tests different landing pages to identify those that yield the best conversion rates, potentially increasing conversions by over 9%.

These enhancements to Google's Performance Max campaigns provide advertisers with sophisticated tools to refine their advertising strategies, achieve better targeting precision, manage budgets more effectively, and enhance overall campaign performance. 


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🎟️ Google Ads will soon automatically pause low-activity keywords, defined as those generating no impressions for over a year, to declutter accounts and prioritize high-performing keywords.

📈March saw the U.S. ad market extend its growth streak, up 4.3% from March 2023, Digital ad spending surged by 15.7%, contrasting traditional media's 13.6% decline, as digital now commands 68% of total U.S. ad spending.

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