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🚀 Thriving eCom Brands in 2024
Insights from Stan Olery 

Remember the days of spending $10k per day on Facebook ads and getting a 12 ROAS? The game has changed, but eCom brands are still scaling successfully. Here are four key traits of these thriving brands in 2024:

💰 Obsessing Over Unit Economics

Successful brands know their numbers inside out. Understanding your unit economics is crucial, especially on platforms like Facebook, where you’re bidding for attention. Aim for your Lifetime Gross Profit (LTGP) to be three times larger than your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), meaning you should earn $3 for every $1 spent.

🎨 Investing Heavily in Creatives

Since the iOS changes, traditional media buying tactics have lost their edge. eCom brands are now in a battle for attention, and creatives are their weapon. Brands test hundreds of ads per month, constantly experimenting with new angles to acquire customers. Great ads unlock scale and drive growth.

💪 Building Strong Brands

Owning a brand isn’t just about good designs and logos. It’s about connecting with customers, building communities, and delivering consistent value. Winning brands aim for long-term success, not just one-hit wonders.

🌐 Exploring New Advertising Platforms

Top brands constantly explore where their audience spends time, going beyond Meta and Google. For instance, they utilize platforms like Taboola, which reaches 500M+ daily active users. Brands have seen an 8x increase in CTR using Taboola, keeping them ahead of competitors. Start maximizing your ad performance with Taboola today! 

Why This Works:

  • Clear and Consistent Messaging: These strategies ensure that brands communicate effectively with their audience, making their products indispensable.

  • Building Strong Relationships: By focusing on solutions and engaging creatives, brands foster loyalty and long-term customer relationships.

  • Innovative Advertising: Exploring new platforms and testing creatively keeps brands relevant and top of mind.

The Result?

Brands that adopt these traits are thriving. They’re not just surviving but growing in an ever-competitive market. They know their numbers, sell solutions, invest in creative content, build strong relationships, and explore innovative advertising platforms.


📌 Pinterest’s Unique Edge: Harnessing Passive and Active User Engagement
Insights from Pinterest

Pinterest’s latest research highlights the significance of using both “passive” and “active” attention in ads to boost brand interaction and drive user action.

The Breakdown:

Understanding Passive vs. Active Attention:

Active Attention: Involves engaging users with compelling content that grabs their attention and teaches them something new.

Passive Attention: Consists of subtle reminders that reinforce brand awareness and keep the brand top-of-mind.

Pinterest effectively blends these strategies to enhance brand visibility.

Research Findings:

In collaboration with Amplified Intelligence, Pinterest examined consumer attention patterns using eye tracking and device usage metrics. The study revealed that Pinterest outperforms other platforms by 170% in driving attention.

Why Pinterest Stands Out:

User Enjoyment: Pinterest’s user-friendly content inspires action, leading users to spend more time engaging with ads.

Engagements Users scroll 1.5 times slower past ads on Pinterest, enhancing passive attention.

Marketing Tips:

  • Contextual Placement: Placing ads in relevant contexts, such as fashion ads among fashion-related content, enhances active attention. Pinterest’s platform supports this through precise interest and keyword targeting.

  • Emotional Appeal: Ads that evoke strong emotional responses, particularly happiness and surprise, attract more attention. Ads with high levels of these emotions achieve more attentive seconds.

Practical Application:

Marketers who use attention-amplifying strategies on Pinterest see nearly three times more attention for their ads. By focusing on contextual and emotionally engaging ads, brands can significantly boost their marketing impact.

Pinterest’s ability to integrate passive and active attention strategies offers a powerful tool for marketers. By leveraging these insights, brands can achieve stronger audience engagement and more effective marketing results.


📈 LinkedIn Expands B2B Offerings with Video Ads and AI Tools
Insights from Social Media Today

LinkedIn is enhancing B2B marketing with new features focused on relationship-building and driving revenue.

The Wire Program:

Video Ads: “The Wire” enables brands to run in-stream video ads alongside trusted publishers like Barron’s, Bloomberg, and Business Insider. With U.S. viewers spending 55 minutes more daily on digital video than traditional TV, this placement effectively reaches buyers and supports memory recall for purchasing decisions.

Engagement: Video uploads on LinkedIn have increased by 45% year-over-year, making this new ad placement particularly effective.

Enhanced AI Capabilities:

Accelerate Campaigns: LinkedIn’s Accelerate tool now includes Microsoft Designer, enabling marketers to draft engaging creatives with generative AI. This helps customize creatives to fit brand needs, offering multiple options for imagery and text overlays.

Targeting and Assistance: Accelerate supports refined targeting by excluding companies and third-party lists. The AI marketing assistant provides recommendations and optimizes campaign performance.

Global Rollout: Accelerate, including AI-drafted copy, will be available globally, offering advertisers tools to create efficient campaigns.

Building Brand Awareness:

Digital Video Ads: The Wire Program lets B2B marketers run in-stream video ads on LinkedIn, ensuring ads run ahead of publisher content on a brand-safe platform.

Publisher Partnerships: The program partners with high-profile publishers, aligning brand messages with resonant content.

AI-Driven Campaign Efficiencies:

  • Creative Assistance: Microsoft Designer helps create tailored ad creatives. Marketers can describe their vision or upload images, and Designer offers multiple design options.

  • Data Integration: Accelerate integrates customer data with LinkedIn’s platform data, enhancing targeting.

  • Conversational AI: The AI marketing assistant improves ad campaigns by answering questions and providing insights.

Success Stories:

Calendly: Using Accelerate, Calendly increased lead conversions and reduced costs per lead.

LinkedIn continues to innovate with new formats and AI tools, aiming to provide B2B marketers with the necessary tools to navigate modern marketing complexities and achieve their goals.


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📈A recent survey reveals that 54% of Americans are looking through more search results compared to five years ago, with 51% spending more time searching for services online.


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