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How to increase your influencer activation rate by 60% 

Nurturing customer loyalty and expanding your organic social presence are top priorities for eComm brands, but doing so within budget can be challenging.

That’s why the most progressive brands like GoPure, Solawave, and Lashbuddy use Insense to run product seeding campaigns to source UGC from genuine product enthusiasts and grow organic reach at $0.

Through Insense you can:

  • Increase influencer activation rates to 60%: Only receive applications from Insense’s 20K+ database of responsive UGC creators and micro-influencers.

  • Receive UGC assets at $0 within 10 days: Ship your products in bulk in exchange for UGC assets via the Shopify integration.

  • Ditch manual outreach and spreadsheets: Stop sending hundreds of emails and manage all influencer communication from a central dashboard.

  • Discover your brand enthusiasts: Source authentic content at scale for each stage of your marketing funnel across organic and paid social.

Reduce your CPA with product seeding campaigns through Insense. Read… Set...Go!


🚀 Most eCom Brands Struggle with Customer Acquisition

Are you netting 3x the amount you spend per customer?

(LTGP/CAC = 3)

If not, you might face one of these critical issues:

🏷️ Problem 1: Low LTGP - The Underwhelming Offer

If your Lifetime Gross Profit (LTGP) is too low, your offer lacks punch and appeal.

Solution: Craft irresistible offers with higher Average Order Value (AOV), juicier margins, and stronger retention strategies. Think bundles, premium versions, or subscription models that keep customers coming back.

📉 Problem 2: Poor Retention Rates - The One-Time Buyer Dilemma

If customers aren’t coming back, you’re losing potential revenue.

Solution: Implement robust retention strategies. Focus on post-purchase engagement with personalized email and SMS campaigns, loyalty programs, and exclusive offers for repeat customers.

🎯 Problem 3: High CAC - The Leaky Funnel

If your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is skyrocketing, your funnel might be leaking potential customers.

Solution: Supercharge your ad creatives and landing pages. Make sure your messaging is crystal clear, engaging, and hits the right pain points. A/B test different variations to nail down the most effective combination.

🌐 Problem 4: Limited Ad Platforms - The Narrow Reach

If your current ad platforms aren’t cutting it, you’re fishing in a small pond.

Solution: Cast a wider net by exploring new platforms like Taboola, which can help you tap into a larger and more engaged audience, with the world’s largest native advertising network, connecting you with up to 500M users daily and 9k advertisers. It’s your chance to reach the right audience, at the right time, and in the right context. Start maximizing your ad performance with Taboola today!

The Takeaway

To scale your eCom brand profitably, ensure your LTGP/CAC ratio is robust. Elevate your offers, optimize your funnel, expand to platforms like Taboola for a broader reach, and implement strong retention strategies to keep customers coming back. 


🔍 TikTok's Evolution into a Search Tool
Insights from Adobe

What’s Up? TikTok has transformed from a mere entertainment platform to a powerful search engine. Our study explores how users search on TikTok and how businesses adapt their strategies accordingly.

The Breakdown:

Search Trends on TikTok: Over 40% of Americans use TikTok as a search engine, looking up recipes, music, DIY tips, and fashion advice. A striking 64% of Gen Z and 49% of millennials use it for searches, with nearly 10% of Gen Z preferring it over traditional search engines like Google.

What Draws Users to TikTok: TikTok attracts users with its concise, informative videos, personalized content, and engaging storytelling. The majority favor video tutorials (62%), product reviews (39%), and personal stories (38%). Gen Z especially enjoys content tailored to their interests.

Business Adaptation: Over half of business owners (54%) leverage TikTok for promotion, posting around nine times monthly. Key content includes product reviews, tutorials, personal anecdotes, and trending challenges. Despite facing engagement and content creation challenges, many plan to boost their TikTok marketing budget next year.

TikTok’s rise as a search engine presents a significant opportunity for businesses to engage with users. By utilizing TikTok’s unique format and tools like Adobe Express, brands can effectively reach and resonate with a broader audience.


🧩 Optimizing Performance Max Campaigns with Effective Segmentation
Insights from Search Engine Land

What’s Up? Segmenting Performance Max campaigns can significantly boost your advertising results. Here are four strategic segmentation methods, highlighting their benefits and challenges.

The Breakdown:

  1. Top Performer/High Margin Segmentation

    • Focus on your best-selling products by creating separate campaigns for top performers and long-tail items, setting lower ROAS targets for top products.

    • Pros: Accelerates learning on high-margin items. Cons: Can increase CPCs and miss opportunities in less popular product categories.

  2. Product Type Segmentation

    • Group products by type to maintain relevant assets and manage budgets efficiently, aligning campaigns with seasonal trends and demand.

    • Pros: Simplifies management and keeps data relevant. Cons: Requires careful analysis to ensure sufficient signal volume for smaller categories.

  3. Brand and Non-Brand Segmentation

    • Separate branded and non-branded traffic to maintain clean data and prevent branded traffic from inflating performance metrics.

    • Pros: Optimizes budget use and reduces overlap with existing campaigns. Cons: Can complicate campaign structure and might solve non-existent problems, fragmenting data.

  4. Customer Segmentation Based on nCAC/LTV

    • Segment campaigns by new customer acquisition cost (nCAC) and lifetime value (LTV) to prioritize high-value customers over immediate sales.

    • Pros: Supports long-term growth and higher-value acquisitions. Cons: Complex implementation, risk of squeezing margins, requires expert handling to avoid profitability issues.

These segmentation strategies can enhance your Performance Max campaigns by improving signal quality and targeting efficiency. Whether focusing on top performers, product types, brand distinctions, or customer value, each method offers unique advantages to help you succeed in Google's advertising ecosystem.


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🕸️Google is simplifying product listings for merchants by using automated "website crawl" feeds in Merchant Center leveraging structured data markup to extract product information such as titles, prices, availability, and images. 

🏳️‍🌈 Consumers want brands to support the LGBTQ+ community beyond Pride Month, with 39% positively influenced by Pride participation, and 80% of LGBTQ+ consumers feeling the same. 


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