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💪Problem Solving over Celeb Hype: The Skims Story

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🔍 Advertising Innovations: Demand Gen Campaigns and Windows 11 Ads

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💪Problem Solving over Celeb Hype: The Skims Story
Insights from Heather Horton

Shapewear has been around since 1300 B.C. What makes Skims so special? This isn’t just another celebrity brand that nobody asked for.

Skims stands out in the crowded market, not because any celebrity is behind it, but because Kim Kardashian is behind it. Here’s why this makes all the difference:

The Kim Kardashian Factor

Kim Kardashian’s influence is unparalleled. She’s famous for her body that defies natural biology and for setting new beauty standards. This has created a significant problem in the market: How can the average person achieve a body like Kim's without access to a plastic surgeon?

The Skims Solution

Shapewear is the answer. Kim’s fans were already asking for ways to emulate her look, and she capitalized on this demand. Her team’s exceptional social listening instincts led them to create a luxury shapewear brand worth $4 billion.

The Lesson in Business

Kim K teaches a valuable lesson: It’s much more effective to create a product based on a problem people already say they want solved rather than a problem you think they want solved. Skims isn’t just riding on celebrity status; it’s built on genuine market demand and clever business strategy.

Kim Kardashian has demonstrated how listening to your audience and addressing their specific needs can lead to massive success. So, the next time you think about creating a product, consider what your audience is asking for.


🔍 Google Introduces New AI-Powered Search Enhancements
Insights from Search Engine Land

Google has rolled out new AI features to improve Google Search and Search Labs, including AI Overviews for U.S. users this week.

The Breakdown:

Adjustable AI Overviews: Users can now simplify or elaborate on AI Overviews with a single click, refining search results without needing multiple queries. This feature will soon be available in Search Labs for U.S. English queries.

Multistep Reasoning & Planning: Google Search can now manage complex questions and planning in one step using Gemini logic. Users can create plans, receive detailed recommendations, and export results to Google Docs or Gmail. This capability will expand to include parties, date nights, and workouts later this year in the U.S.

AI-Organized Results: AI will organize search results into specific categories, offering diverse perspectives and content types. Initially available for dining and recipes, this feature will expand to include movies, music, books, hotels, shopping, and more.

Lens Video Search: Lens search with video enables users to record a video and ask questions in real time. This feature will soon be available for Search Labs users in English in the U.S.

Google's new AI-driven features aim to make search more intuitive and efficient, assisting users in planning, researching, and learning seamlessly. These innovations underscore Google's dedication to enhancing the user experience through advanced AI applications.


🔍 Advertising Innovations: Demand Gen Campaigns and Windows 11 Ads
Insights from Google and TechRadar

Recent advancements have improved ad format controls in Demand Gen campaigns and increased the presence of ads in the Windows 11 interface. These updates reflect evolving strategies to optimize user engagement and monetization.

1️⃣ Demand Gen Campaign Enhancements:

Demand Gen campaigns cater to social advertisers looking to deliver visually compelling, multi-format ads to users in a buying mindset. A significant update includes creative-level control for video assets, ensuring optimal delivery and enhanced storytelling.

Ad Formats:

  • In-stream: Ads play before, during, or after other videos and can be skipped after 5 seconds.

  • In-feed: Appears in YouTube (watch-next, home, search), Discover, and Gmail feeds.

  • Shorts: YouTube’s short-form video feed, skippable at any time.

Best Practices:

  • Format Requirements: Ensure assets meet format criteria.

  • Iterative Improvements: Use segment reporting by ad format to analyze performance and adapt creatives.

2️⃣ Windows 11 Advertising Expansion:

Microsoft is increasingly integrating ads into the Windows 11 interface, with the latest ads appearing on the Settings home page for Xbox Game Pass. This move is part of a broader strategy to monetize various parts of the OS.

  • Available in the latest Dev channel preview build (26120).

  • Targeted at users who opt for the latest updates and are signed into a Microsoft account.

  • Specifically shown to users who actively play games on their PCs.

User Reactions:

There is concern about the growing presence of ads in the OS.

Some users appreciate the update for its performance improvements and bug fixes, including a solution for the installation failure bug (error '0x8007371B').

Windows 11 24H2 is expected to be pre-installed on new Snapdragon X Elite PCs by June 2024, with a broader rollout to existing devices by September or October.

These updates aim to optimize creative delivery and monetize user engagement, reflecting broader trends. As these innovations roll out, they offer new opportunities and challenges for advertisers and users alike.


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