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💪Overcoming Growth Plateaus: How DTC Brands Can Scale Beyond Traditional Channels

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📺 Google Expands Connected TV Ad Options

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💪Overcoming Growth Plateaus: How DTC Brands Can Scale Beyond Traditional Channels

Many DTC brands Face a common challenge: plateaued growth on traditional advertising platforms like Meta and Google. They needed to reach new customers beyond these channels to drive further growth and increase revenue. 

But how? 

Diversifying Your Ad Strategy: 

Before diving into what Bedrop did to overcome this challenge, here are a few solutions that can help any DTC brand facing similar issues:

1. Leveraging Native Advertising: Native ads seamlessly integrate with the editorial content of premium publisher sites, providing a non-intrusive and engaging way to reach potential customers.

2. Personalized Ad Creatives: By focusing on personalized and targeted ad creatives, brands can connect more deeply with potential customers. Discover what resonates with your audience through simple, direct ad titles and engaging visuals.

3. Long-Form Advertorials: Creating long-form advertorials with videos and customer testimonials can significantly boost conversions. Detailed landing pages explaining the benefits of your products, supported by testimonials, can be highly effective.

4. Functional Tracking and Attribution: Accurate tracking and attribution are crucial for understanding the impact of various advertising channels. Analyze which ads drive sales and how they contribute to overall revenue to optimize your spend and maximize ROI.

While the above solutions are effective, the most effective one is what Bedrop chose.

Bedrop’s Success with Taboola Native Ads

To further diversify their advertising efforts, Bedrop partnered with Taboola, allowing them to reach over 9,000 premium publisher properties, tapping into audiences not available on other platforms with Native Ads

Key Achievements with Taboola:

  • 35% Higher AOV

  • 77% Increase in Revenue 

  • 33% Increase in Website Sessions

For DTC brands facing growth plateaus on traditional platforms, diversifying ad strategies is essential. Bedrop's success story highlights the importance of leveraging native advertising and personalized content to reach new audiences and drive significant growth. So go on and start maximizing your Ad performance with Taboola today! 


🚀Instagram’s Evolving Algorithms and Creator Support
Insights from Social Media Today

What’s Up? Instagram’s head, Adam Mosseri, has provided insights into the platform’s algorithm, the importance of video content, and how creators can maximize their reach and engagement.

Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images for WIRED file

Adam Mosseri speaks onstage at the WIRED25 Summit 2019 on Nov. 8, 2019 in San Francisco.

The Breakdown:

  • Video's Dominance: Video content now accounts for over half of the time users spend on Instagram. The platform aims to foster a participatory experience by encouraging users to share and discuss videos.

  • AI-Driven Content Discovery: Instagram is increasingly recommending content from accounts users don't follow, aiming to showcase exciting and relevant posts beyond the user's immediate network.

  • Sends per Reach: The metric "sends per reach" has become crucial for determining a post’s reach, highlighting a shift towards private sharing and engagement.

  • Healthy Content Ranking: Instagram prioritizes ranking content that is shared within private circles over widely shared posts to promote a positive and healthy user experience.

  • Sound Off Viewing: Around half of all video impressions on Instagram are viewed without sound, emphasizing the need for compelling visual content.

These insights highlight Instagram’s strategic shift towards video content, AI-driven discovery, and robust support for creators. Emphasizing private engagement and healthy content, Instagram aims to enhance user experience and foster a supportive community for creators.


📺 Google Expands Connected TV Ad Options
Insights from Social Media Today

What’s Up? Google has launched a new ad placement feature for connected TVs via its Google TV network, accessible on selected smart TVs and OTT devices.

The Breakdown:

  • This new placement allows brands to display ads on Sony, Hisense, TCL, and Chromecast devices, reaching over 20 million monthly active Google TV users.

  • The Google TV network offers in-stream video inventory across more than 125 channels, including live sports, full-length TV shows, and movies. In the U.S., 60% of households watch free, ad-supported streaming services, with viewers spending over 75 minutes daily on Google TV’s free channels.

  • With connected TV becoming a major entertainment source, and YouTube being the top streaming platform by watch time in 2023, this presents a valuable opportunity for brands to reach more viewers on the largest screens in their homes.

  • The Google TV network includes various CTV ad formats like non-skippable ads and 6-second bumpers. Advertisers can place video ads on the Google TV masthead or in eligible video-streaming apps.

This new feature can significantly expand campaign reach and enhance the impact of video promotions. Google TV network placement is now available through Google Ads and Google Display & Video 360.


💧How Bedrop achieve 35% higher AOV in search channels than in social? With over 500M daily active users, you can beat your CPA goals with Taboola’s advanced algorithm, and get 50% more views and 10x higher engagement rates compared to traditional display ads. Start maximizing your ad performance with Taboola today!  

🖱️ Google’s SearchLiaison clarified that click-through rates (CTR) and Helpful Content Updates (HCU) are not the sole factors in ranking websites emphasizing that diverse signals are used, making it possible for new sites to rank.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑Google’s Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan advises struggling websites to prioritize audience focus and content quality and focus on creating high-quality content, diversifying traffic sources, and building an engaged audience via email and social media.


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