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🚀Unlocking Facebook Ads Success with Advanced Metrics

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🚀 Unlocking Facebook Ads Success with Advanced Metrics

🚀 New Tools from YouTube and Google Ad Manager

📺 CTV Ad Engagement Increases and Controversial News Ads Drive Results

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🚀 Unlocking Facebook Ads Success with Advanced Metrics

Mastering Facebook Ads goes beyond basic metrics. These advanced KPIs can provide deeper insights and help you optimize your campaigns effectively. Here are some crucial metrics to consider:

 1. Conversion Rate from Add to Cart to Purchase Formula: (Number of Purchases / Number of Add to Carts) * 100 Understand how many cart additions turn into actual purchases.

 2. Initiated Checkout to Purchase Rate Formula: (Number of Purchases / Number of Initiated Checkouts) * 100 Track the final steps from checkout initiation to purchase completion.

 3. Video Hook Rate Formula: (Number of 3-sec Video Views / Number of Impressions) * 100 Gauge how well your video captures initial viewer interest.

 4. Video Completion Rate Formula: (Number of Video Views at 100% / Number of Video Views) * 100 See how many viewers watch your video all the way through.

 5. Revenue per Mille (RPM) Formula: (Total Revenue / Number of Impressions) * 1000 Measure the revenue generated per thousand impressions.

 6. Cost per Add to Cart (CPATC) Formula: Total Ad Spend / Number of Add to Carts Evaluate the cost efficiency of driving users to add items to their cart.

 7. Cost per Initiated Checkout (CPIC) Formula: Total Ad Spend / Number of Initiated Checkouts Assess the cost efficiency of initiating the checkout process.

 8. Average Order Value (AOV) Formula: Total Revenue / Number of Purchases Discover the average amount spent per transaction.

 9. Impressions per Purchase Formula: Number of Impressions / Number of Purchases Understand the number of impressions needed to generate a purchase.

 10. Click-Through Rate (CTR) from Video Formula: (Number of Clicks / Number of Video Views) * 100 Track how many viewers clicked through after watching your video.

 11. Retargeting Efficiency Analyze how well your retargeting ads convert previous visitors into buyers.

📝 12. Ad Frequency Impact Monitor how often your ad is shown to the same audience and its impact on conversion rates.

Why These Metrics Matter:

By diving into these advanced metrics, you gain a comprehensive understanding of your ad performance. This enables you to make informed decisions, optimize your campaigns, and achieve better results.

Utilize these insights to fine-tune your strategies and drive your Facebook Ads success to new heights. 🚀


🚀 New Tools from YouTube and Google Ad Manager
Insights from Social Media Today and Search Engine Land

YouTube and Google Ad Manager are introducing new features designed to enhance content optimization and ad management for creators and publishers. These updates aim to streamline processes and improve audience engagement.

The Breakdown:

YouTube’s Thumbnail Testing Feature:

YouTube is rolling out its “Test and Compare” tool for creators with Advanced Features, allowing the comparison of up to three thumbnails to see which generates the highest watch time. This feature helps channel managers refine their thumbnail strategy to maximize viewer engagement and video performance.

Google Ad Manager’s Enhanced Creative Controls:

Google Ad Manager now offers more flexibility for publishers, enabling them to control ad badging on a per-creative basis and choose regional settings for ad disclosures. These updates aim to reduce complexity and ensure ads meet regional compliance while appearing as intended.

With YouTube’s thumbnail testing and Google Ad Manager’s creative controls, content creators and publishers now have more robust tools to optimize their strategies, enhancing the effectiveness of their videos and ads to better engage their audiences.


📺 CTV Ad Engagement Increases and Controversial News Ads Drive Results
Insights from Retail Dive 

New research uncovers key trends in advertising, indicating rising consumer engagement with connected TV (CTV) ads and the effective performance of ads placed alongside controversial news content.

The Breakdown:

CTV Ad Engagement: According to DoubleVerify and TVision, U.S. viewer engagement with CTV ads climbed to 51.5% in Q1 2024 from 49.2% in the previous quarter. Premium CTV apps now lead with 56.1% engagement, surpassing linear TV ads. The report highlighted increased CTV ad volume in major brand categories, with households primarily using three or fewer apps like YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu. Shorter ad breaks garnered the highest attention, with engagement peaking during early morning hours.

Image: Retail Dive 

Controversial News Ads: Stagwell's "Future of News Study" found that ads next to controversial topics such as inflation and crime perform comparably to those next to safe subjects like sports. Avoiding these topics could limit campaign reach since 25% of Americans consider themselves "news junkies." Among Gen Z, the purchase intent for ads near Middle East conflict stories was only slightly lower than for sports content. 

These findings highlight the changing landscape of advertising, with CTV gaining popularity and controversial news articles presenting effective ad opportunities. As media consumption evolves, advertisers need to refine their strategies to effectively capture audience attention across diverse platforms and content types.


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🔗YouTube is experimenting with QR codes for channels, making it easier for creators to share their content. Users can generate unique QR codes for their channels, simplifying the process of connecting with new audiences both online and offline.

🛍️Nearly 90% of consumers have bought or sold used items in the past year, per eBay's 2024 Recommerce Report with Gen Z and millennials leading in purchasing circular fashion, driven by sustainability concerns.


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