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Meme it! So they retain it 😎

Well, Well, It's the era of Gen Z and there’s no Gen Z without trending memes. What if you could use these memes to grow your brand? (yeah that’s right😌) It is 100% possible. But, why the meme approach?

Here’s why:

👉Memes are very shareable and help people connect through humor which in turn increases engagement.

👉Increases your brand recall

👉No cost tool since memes only require a time investment.

Besides these, everybody enjoys a laugh or two. That’s your motivation.

Here’s how you can use memes effectively to grow your brand:


Creating memes is a time-consuming process but we assure you it’ll be worth it in the long run.

Why? It’s really simple! When you develop your memes, you help to establish a distinct image for your business, which promotes brand awareness😌. You may transform a humorous video clip that you happen to capture into a short, looping movie or GIF. Try showing a real product in unexpected usage scenarios.

This is how “dennysdiner” handles memes. This was created as a meme for Valentine’s Day. (you can't say this doesn't crack you up😉)


No, we’re not contradicting what we just said. You have to be authentic, there's no doubt about it😎. But, you need to use trending memes to be more relatable so that your audience shares the content more and your engagement touches the sky.

Take your authentic approach to a trending meme.

This was Ruffles’ approach to this trending meme a couple of years earlier. (Honestly, this meme never gets old😂)


While you can use memes across multiple channels, you need to make sure you’re putting them in the right place for the right audience 👯. Social media is generally a good place to start, especially as the meme as we know it originated on Twitter or Instagram, but it isn’t the only option.

If it works with your brand, you could incorporate memes into your website graphics or use them within guides and blog posts. The main factor is knowing how meme-savvy your audience is, as this will dictate how, where, and why you can use memes.

A great way to get this right is to consider what the meme means to your audience, rather than just your brand.

If you can hit the right pain point at the right moment – such as by including a meme in a guide about your services – you’ll connect with your audience🥲.


No self-respecting brand starts out thinking, “We’re going to make an inappropriate meme that gets all the wrong kind of attention.”😤 Still, brands do occasionally stumble into a topic they shouldn’t touch.

When you try to make a funny meme on a topic that’s all wrong for your brand (or all wrong for any brand), you come off as tone-deaf at best.

We’re not sure that Dr. Suess would have appreciated this tweet from Charmin.

Remember, you don't want to do anything that offends other brands or damages the reputation of your brand😐.


You may be using them to market to people, but you need to remember that memes are jokes at the end of the day. Not everyone will find them funny and not everyone will get them. Just as with humor, memes are subjective.

This doesn’t mean you want your memes to be harsh or too niche, but you need to be aware that there may still be some negative reactions mixed in with the positive engagement💪.

So long as the joke you are telling shows a sense of self-awareness and that you aren’t taking your brand too seriously, it should hit home and you’ll have a successful meme on your hands.

If done right, memes can become a pretty useful tool in your content marketing plan 🛠. They can help you reach new audiences and give your brand a human element through humor 😌.

Plus, they can help you connect with your audience without having to worry too much about keywords or content frameworks.

Memes can even help a brand reinvent itself. Their casual, funny tone lends a lighter, more contemporary voice to brands that may have previously been known for their serious demeanor.

Besides, memes are just fun 🤩 .



As the world continues migrating from desktop to mobile, so should your marketing strategy if you want to keep up 🔝. In 2022, mobile migration will continue. E-commerce brands are seeing desktop users drop while mobile rises across all marketing channels.

Here are 3 reasons why we believe that SMS is the future of Ecommerce


In today’s world of microwave dinners, UberEats deliveries, and Amazon Prime two-day shipping, faster is better. The same holds with marketing. If you’re too slow, the competition is going to win your audience over. Thankfully, you can upgrade how quickly you reach your audience with SMS 🤩.

In the olden days, most average Joe marketers had to rely on direct mail to capture sales from a new audience🤭. This mail-delivery marketing method could take weeks to reach your audience and weeks to get a reply. Now, you can reach your audience instantly.

According to a report, nearly 70% of people open up a new text message within five minutes. And over 90% check their new text message within 30 minutes😮. This is especially important if you have an urgent message like:

👉 A limited-time flash sale.

👉 Early access to a product launch.

👉 An important update on an order.

The ability to reach your audience quickly isn’t something to look over, and SMS is the best channel to send an urgent marketing message that you need your audience to read quickly.


What’s the first thing most people do when they wake up? Pray? Meditate? Practice gratefulness? Probably not for the majority. Instead, most people check their phones first thing in the morning😅.

Your audience has a tight-knit personal relationship with their phone—mainly because it’s the stepping stone to a close relationship with their loved ones in the modern world. Asking for someone’s phone number is a big deal. It’s personal. It’s intimate💍.

If someone accepts your SMS marketing invitation, allowing you to enter their “texting world,” you shouldn’t take it lightly. You’ve opened up a world of possibilities to reach them on a more personal level than any other marketing channel.


There was a time in the marketing world when a single line of copy could win over an entire generation. However, the Mad Men days with Don Draper one-liners are long gone. Now, marketing is all about getting hundreds of tiny interactions right😌.

The reason SMS is so personal is that it opens up the doorway to a one-on-one conversation. The keyword here is “conversation.” With email, it’s a bit more formal. It takes a bit more effort to reply. Having a two-way conversation isn’t expected or even desired a lot of the time.

With SMS, you can create real conversations with your customers. The best SMS marketers answer their audience’s questions quickly, ask them for feedback and treat them like real people😊.

With a well-thought-out SMS strategy, there’s no telling how lucrative this growing channel will be. Then again, maybe people will eventually start neglecting it, like with emails. One thing’s for sure: As the e-commerce world becomes ever more mobile (as it will😎), SMS marketing will continue to rise.


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