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🔍 Google Ads Updates: Broad Match Default and tCPA Insights

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🎯 Keep It Real Sell Unreal
Insights from Modash

“Have authenticity in your influencer collaborations!” is advice you’ve likely heard countless times. But how do you implement it? Here, we’ll break down practical steps to make your influencer collaborations genuinely authentic.

What Does Authenticity Mean in Influencer Marketing?

Authenticity is when your influencer partnership feels natural and not forced. It’s about making sure that the collaboration looks organic and sincere rather than purely transactional.

1️⃣ Find an Authentic Angle for Your Influencer Content

Connecting the creator’s personal story to your product makes the partnership feel genuine.

Example: Travel creator Aakansha Monga, known for her tips on traveling light, partnered with Air India Express to promote their “Xpress Lite fares.” This collaboration worked because it aligned with Aakansha’s existing content and preferences, making the partnership seem natural.

How to Do It Best:

  • Review the influencer’s past content to find connections with your brand.

  • Get on a call with the creator to brainstorm authentic ideas together.

2️⃣ Select Influencers Who Already Love Your Brand

The most authentic influencers are those who already use and love your product. Check within your existing customer base or social media followers.

Example: Creator Mama Lisa’s partnership with Aumio felt authentic because she had been using the app for a year before the collaboration, making her endorsement credible.

How to Do It Best:

  • Identify customers who have a genuine love for your product and sufficient followers in your target demographic.

  • Engage with these loyal customers and explore potential collaborations.

3️⃣ Vet for Authenticity at the Start of New Influencer Relationships

When recruiting new influencers, it’s crucial to ensure they genuinely like your product.

How to Do It Best:

  • Send products to potential influencers and schedule discussions post-trial to assess their genuine interest.

  • Get on calls with influencers to ensure they are genuinely excited about your product and the collaboration.

Authentic influencer relationships require continuous effort. It’s an ongoing process of nurturing and maintaining genuine partnerships. Keep the dialogue open and ensure every new partnership is as authentic as the first.

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🔍 Google Ads Updates: Broad Match Default and tCPA Insights
Insights from Search Engine Journal

Google Ads has introduced notable updates, including broad matching the default for new Search campaigns and adding tCPA insights for Demand Gen campaigns.

The Breakdown:

  • Broad Match Default: Google Ads now defaults to broad match for new Search campaigns. This shift could lead to higher costs if negative keywords aren’t carefully managed. It aligns with Google’s trend towards automated, AI-driven campaign management, simplifying setup for novices but requiring experienced advertisers to be more vigilant to avoid broad targeting inefficiencies.

  • tCPA Insights for Demand Gen: Following the introduction of the tROAS Insight Box for Pmax and Standard Shopping, Google has added tCPA insights for Demand Gen campaigns. This feature shows if your actual CPA is within the expected range, using historical data to project conversions. Google aims to keep conversion costs aligned with the target CPA, although individual conversion costs may vary.

These changes reflect Google’s continued push towards automation in ad management, potentially streamlining processes for new advertisers. However, seasoned marketers must be cautious with broad matches to prevent unintended budget spikes. The CPA insights addition helps advertisers better track and manage campaign costs, ensuring alignment with financial goals.

Bottom line: Advertisers should carefully review match type settings when creating new Search campaigns and leverage the new tCPA insights to maintain efficient budget management and performance tracking.


💡 Google Ads Boosts Conversions with First-Party Data
Insights from Search Engine Journal

Google Ads is placing a stronger emphasis on first-party data to improve audience targeting, leveraging smart bidding and Performance Max to refine advertising strategies. By utilizing first-party data, advertisers can provide better audience signals to Google, enhancing the accuracy and effectiveness of ad campaigns.

The Breakdown:

  • First-Party Data: This includes data collected through your website or marketing strategies, such as email subscriptions and customer histories, which can be integrated into Google Analytics and Google Ads.

  • Enhanced Conversions: Enhanced conversions improve bidding accuracy by sending hashed first-party conversion data from your website to Google. This setup ensures that conversions are tracked more effectively, even across multiple devices.

  • Setup: Turn on Enhanced Conversions in Google Ads under Tools & Settings > Conversions. Follow the setup instructions using Google Tag Manager or code to implement.

  • Offline Conversion Tracking: Link your CRM to track conversions using Google Click ID (GCLID) and upload this data to Google Ads. This enhances the data available for smarter bidding strategies.

  • Smart Bidding Strategies: Utilize strategies like Max Conversions and Target ROAS to optimize campaign performance based on the enhanced data.

Enhanced conversions and first-party data are crucial for accurate, privacy-compliant tracking, significantly improving targeting and campaign performance. As Google continues to integrate machine learning, providing your account with robust data will be essential for maintaining a competitive edge. 


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🚫 Major brands like Target, DoorDash, Bayer, and Procter & Gamble have cut their TikTok ad spending by 10-30% in response to the looming U.S. ban on TikTok, effective January next year. 

📰 LinkedIn is expanding its ad options by introducing sponsored newsletters, building on its sponsored articles launched in January. Brands can now promote newsletters, boosting reach and lead generation.


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