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💡 Escape The Paid Ads Spiral
Insights from Jake Abrams

7-figure DTC brands, it's time to stop relying solely on paid marketing to carry your business.

I’ve grown a DTC brand from zero to 8-figures and worked with over 100 DTC brands over the last seven years. One common mistake is obsessing over in-platform ROAS daily while ignoring essential activities that lead to long-term, profitable growth.

Here’s what you should focus on to build a sustainable business:

🔑 Diversify Your Growth Strategy

Memorable Creative and Influencer Ecosystem

  • Make Memorable Creative: Your ads should stand out and resonate with your audience. Creativity is key to capturing attention.

  • Build an Influencer Ecosystem: Partner with influencers your audience respects. This builds credibility and organic growth. To do this effectively check out these actionable insights by Ryan Prior from Modash

High-Quality Affiliates and Customer Reviews

  • Nurture High-Quality Affiliates: Develop relationships with affiliates who can champion your brand and drive sales.

  • Drive Customer Reviews: Encourage positive reviews to build trust and influence purchasing decisions.

Clear Product Positioning and Social Media Strategies

  • Clear Product Positioning: Ensure your website clearly communicates what makes your product unique.

  • Whitelist Accounts: Use whitelisted accounts to create buzz and amplify reach.

  • Craft Engaging SMS and Emails: Send entertaining or value-adding messages to foster loyalty and repeat purchases.

🛠 Optimize Your Operations

First-Party Data and Marketplace Expansion

  • Capture First-Party Data: Collect and use data to understand and target your customers better.

  • Sell on Amazon: Expand your reach by leveraging Amazon's massive marketplace.

Customer Interaction and Content Strategy

  • Answer Objections on Reddit: Engage with potential customers by addressing their concerns in online forums.

  • Respond to Negative Reviews: Show you care by addressing issues and improving customer satisfaction.

📊 A Healthy Revenue Mix for DTC Brands

  • 20% from Email & SMS

  • 30% from Organic

  • 50% from Paid Marketing

📈 Why This Works

A balanced approach ensures you’re not overly reliant on any single marketing channel. Paid marketing works better when your audience already knows and likes your brand. Diversifying your strategies can create a stronger brand presence and long-term growth.

Stop obsessing over yesterday’s ROAS. Start focusing on building a comprehensive growth strategy. This will help you create a vast pool of future buyers and ensure sustainable growth.


🤖 How Google’s AI Overviews Are Transforming Ecommerce Search
Insights from Search Engine Journal

What’s Up? An extensive review of 25,000 ecommerce searches by Bartosz Góralewicz, the founder of Onely, reveals significant changes in search visibility for online retailers due to Google’s AI overviews.

The Breakdown:

  • AI Overview Integration: Currently, 16% of ecommerce queries feature an AI overview, contributing to 13% of the sector’s total search volume.

  • Source Discrepancies: 80% of sources listed in AI overviews do not rank organically for the original query.

  • Limited Organic Influence: Top organic rankings (#1-3) have only an 8% chance of appearing in AI overviews.

Emphasis on “Accelerated” Product Information

SEO expert Aleyda Solis points out that for product-related queries, Google is focusing on providing “accelerated” product information directly through AI-generated summaries, bypassing traditional organic search results.

Evaluating Traffic Impact

Solis has developed a tool to help retailers assess the traffic impact of AI overviews. Góralewicz speculates that this feature may expand, especially for high-cost queries when ads are included.

The introduction of AI overviews marks a shift in how search visibility is managed for ecommerce sites. Traditional SEO strategies are disrupted as organic rankings become less influential. Retailers now have the opportunity to optimize product data and detail pages specifically for AI-generated displays.


🤳 The Power of Creators in Shaping Consumer Behavior
Insights from Amazon AWS

Creators are now pivotal in building consumer trust and influencing trends. For brands aiming to thrive in today’s market, understanding the creator economy is crucial.

The Breakdown:

Creator Engagement: In the US, 27 million paid creators are followed by 69% of consumers, with 60% engaging with their content daily.

Content Quality: 83% of consumers view creator content positively, finding it both entertaining and educational.

Trust and Influence: 75% of people trust recommendations from friends and family, and 62% value insights from specialized influencers.

Content-Driven Actions: 80% of followers take action based on creator content, such as visiting websites, following brands, and making purchases.

Content from creators is more trusted and engaging than traditional advertisements, resulting in higher consumer engagement and actions. Brands that leverage the creator economy can enhance their marketing efforts and build authentic connections with their audience.


🌏 With over 250 million influencers and creators worldwide, how do you begin to find the right partners for your brand? Ryan Prior from Modash interviewed 4 senior influencer marketers to learn how they approach influencer selection. Discover more ways to find your best niches here!

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📷 Instagram is experimenting with a new "Memes" option in its Reels editing tools allowing users to add popular meme elements to their clips. 

👨🏻‍✈️ Microsoft introduces "CoPlanner," an AI-powered media planning tool to streamline the process for advertisers and agencies. 


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