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🚀 A Game-Changing Mindset Shift for Your Creative Process

🚀 Meta Unveils New AI and Messaging Tools at Cannes Lions 2024

📊 Google Enhances Analytics and Display & Video 360 API

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🚀 A Game-Changing Mindset Shift for Your Creative Process

Forget traditional ads. It’s time to rethink your content strategy.

Start focusing on creating content that:

 Entertains 🎉

 Provides Value 📚

🎤 Embrace UGC 

One proven method to achieve this is the UGC format.

While it’s a classic approach, it’s making a strong comeback on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Why UGC is a Hit

  • Authenticity: People love real, spontaneous reactions.

  • Engagement: The unpredictability keeps viewers hooked.

  • Effective Framework: Naturally follows the Attention, Interest, Desire, Action (AIDA) model.

  • Cost-Effective: Minimal production costs and effort.

  • Interactive: Encourages viewers to consider their own struggles, needs, etc.

  • Seamless Integration: Easily incorporates product messages.

  • Non-Intrusive: Doesn’t scream “ad” at first glance.

📊 Case Study: Postino Wine Cafe’s Success

The Challenge

  • Manual Management: Struggled to manage influencer collaborations manually.

  • Location-Specific Needs: Needed influencers in specific cities (Phoenix, Tucson, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta).

  • Time Constraints: Urgent need to meet Q4 goals quickly.

The Solution

  • Targeted Influencers: Used Insense to filter and hire Instagram micro-influencers with 16k followers and 2% engagement rate in targeted cities.

  • Content Creation: Influencers created 9-15 sec videos for Instagram Reels to promote in-restaurant traffic and Holiday gift card sales.

📈 Results

  • Increased Thumbstops: More viewers paused to watch.

  • Higher Hold Rates: Viewers stayed engaged longer.

  • Lower Outbound CPCs: Reduced cost per click.

  • Lower CPAs: Cost per acquisition dropped.

The Bottom Line

Ditch the old-fashioned ads. Create content that entertains or adds value (or both) and watch your creative performance soar. 🚀


🚀 Meta Unveils New AI and Messaging Tools at Cannes Lions 2024

What’s Up? At the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, Meta has launched three cutting-edge products to drive business growth, enhance engagement on Threads, and unlock creative potential.

The Breakdown:

1. AI Chat and Messaging Tools:

  • AI Chat Feature: Utilizing Meta Llama 3, this feature on Messenger helps businesses streamline customer support and facilitate purchases.

  • Business Messaging Tools: New tools allow businesses to create, organize, and send paid marketing messages on Messenger.

2. Threads API:

  • API Launch: Businesses and creators can now leverage the Threads API for content management at scale, including post authentication and publishing.

  • Engagement Features: The API supports content management, reply controls, and media insights.

3. Generative AI Solutions:

Performance Boost: Meta’s generative AI features enhance ad performance, with businesses experiencing improvements in cost per purchase, total purchase volume, and click-through rates.

Meta’s latest tools introduced at Cannes Lions 2024 promise to revolutionize business operations, providing improved customer interaction, streamlined content management, and enhanced ad efficiency.


📊 Google Enhances Analytics and Display & Video 360 API

What’s Up? Google has introduced new metrics in Google Analytics and updated its Display & Video 360 API, providing businesses with improved tools for conversion tracking and campaign management.

The Breakdown:

New Metrics in Google Analytics:

Google Analytics now includes “User Key Event Rate” and “Session Key Event Rate” metrics. These track the percentage of users performing key actions and sessions leading to conversions, offering deeper insights into user engagement.

Updates to Display & Video 360 API:

The Display & Video 360 API now features advertiser-level keyword management and an optimization objective field for insertion orders. These updates enable more efficient keyword targeting and specific optimization goals for advertisers.

Google’s updates in Analytics and Display & Video 360 API provide businesses with enhanced tools for tracking conversions and optimizing ad campaigns, improving marketing performance and efficiency.


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🛒 Instacart launches its retail media ads on YouTube, enabling select brands to turn viewers into Instacart shoppers for same-day delivery featuring shoppable links powered by Instacart’s first-party data and retail media tech. 

📈Retail sales rose 4.5% year-over-year to $252.68B in May, with e-commerce up 6.4%, per the U.S. Department of Commerce while, Core retail sales, excluding restaurants, automobiles, and gasoline, increased by 2.88%.


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