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🛡️ Save Your Client's Ad Account with This Strategy!

📲 Meta Enhances Business Messaging with New AI Tool

📈 Google and Microsoft Enhance Ad Platforms with AI and Integration

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🛡️ Save Your Client's Ad Account with This Strategy!
Insights from David McCommons

Media buyers, if your sales and ad performance have abnormally and abruptly slowed down, this strategy might just save the day!

When to Duplicate Your Campaign:

It's crucial to identify the signs before duplicating a campaign. If it's a gradual decline, consider testing new creatives. But if the decline is sudden and significant, follow this approach.

🔍 Signs to Look For:

  1. Abnormal & Abrupt Decline in Performance: Several consecutive bad days, which is unusual for the business.

  2. Skyrocketing CPA: The Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) jumped from $80 to around $140.

  3. High Return Customer Rate:m Normally below 40%, it spiked to 55% or higher.

  4. Increase in Meta Shop Traffic: Traffic to the shop increased, but revenue from the shop did not.

  5. Decreased Add to Cart (ATC) Percentage: A noticeable drop in the percentage of users adding items to their cart.

🛠️ What to Do:

Step 1: Duplicate the Campaign

  • Duplicate the campaign with the same settings, ads, and everything else.

  • Observe the performance for a few days.

Step 2: Adjust Traffic Destination

  • If performance improves initially but then declines again, stop sending traffic to the shop.

  • Redirect all traffic to the main site instead.

🚀 Results:

By redirecting traffic to the site, performance has consistently improved, stabilizing the account.

Why This Works:

Quick Adaptation: Duplicating the campaign helps reset any potential algorithmic issues.

Focused Traffic: Redirecting traffic to the main site ensures a better user experience and conversion rate.

Continuous Monitoring: Keeping an eye on key metrics allows for timely adjustments.

The Takeaway:

When you notice an abnormal and abrupt decline in ad performance, duplicating the campaign and adjusting the traffic destination can save your account. Always monitor the performance closely and be ready to adapt quickly. 🚀


📲 Meta Enhances Business Messaging with New AI Tool
Insights from Social Media Today

What’s Up? Meta's annual Conversations conference in Sao Paulo introduced several new features aimed at improving business interactions via chat.

The Breakdown:

  • AI-Powered Support on WhatsApp: Meta is testing an AI assistant to aid small businesses in answering customer queries and creating ads. This tool will also help in designing Facebook and Instagram ads that initiate WhatsApp chats. Enhanced AI support in Ads Manager will refine ad creation and targeting.

  • Enhanced Messaging Ads: Businesses can now upload their subscriber lists for Meta’s AI to identify optimal contacts on WhatsApp for follow-up messages. This targets users based on conversion or brand awareness goals, maximizing campaign effectiveness.

  • Expanded Conversions API: The API now supports messaging events on Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. It includes a new purchase optimization feature aimed at driving sales and reducing costs by targeting likely buyers. This update provides valuable data insights for optimizing messaging campaigns.

  • Custom Campaign Personalization: AI tools in Ads Manager will assist businesses in creating personalized campaigns, tailoring ad creatives, and refining targeting strategies for better engagement.

  • Meta Verified for Businesses: The Meta Verified subscription service is now available for businesses on WhatsApp in Brazil, India, Indonesia, and Colombia, enhancing credibility and trust.

These updates focus on leveraging messaging apps for direct communication, improving business efficiency, and enhancing customer engagement. Meta's new tools aim to provide businesses with improved capabilities to connect with customers and optimize their marketing strategies.


📈 Google and Microsoft Enhance Ad Platforms with AI and Integration
Insights from Search Engine Land

What’s Up? Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising are launching updates to boost brand campaign performance and streamline cross-platform workflows. Google's new AI-powered Brand Recommendations optimize advertising strategies, while Microsoft introduces conversion goal imports from Google Ads, enhancing campaign management.

The Breakdown:

Google Ads - Brand Recommendations:

  • AI-Driven Optimization: Google’s new tool enhances brand campaign performance and effectiveness.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Recommendations span awareness and consideration campaigns with CPM and CPV bidding, complementing performance recommendations. These Recommendations are customized and regularly updated.

  • Tailored Suggestions: Analyzes advertiser history, campaign settings, and industry trends to suggest optimizations.

Microsoft Advertising - Google Conversion Goal Imports:

  • Streamlined Workflows: Allows advertisers to import conversion goals from Google Ads, making cross-platform campaign management easier.

  • Default Import: Conversion goals are imported by default, supporting value-based bid strategies like Max Conversions.

  • Setup Guidance: Using a UET tag with Google Tag Manager ensures goal tracking.

  • Opt-Out Option: Advertisers can uncheck the import option if they prefer not to use it.

Google’s AI-powered Brand Recommendations and Microsoft’s Google conversion goal import feature are significant advancements in ad tech. These updates enhance campaign performance and streamline management across platforms, focusing on AI-driven insights and cross-platform efficiency. Advertisers should consider adopting these tools to stay competitive and optimize their marketing strategies.


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