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🎨 Finding the Right Balance in Influencer Creative Freedom

📢 TikTok Boosts Offline Campaigns with UGC and Introduces New Image App

📺 Disney Expands Ad Reach, Meta Drops CTA Testing

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🎨 Finding the Right Balance in Influencer Creative Freedom
Insights from Return On Influence

Ever wondered how much creative freedom to give influencers? The balance between control and creativity depends on two factors: familiarity and complexity.

Here’s how to navigate this balance effectively:

🌟 When to Be Hands-On

For new partnerships or complex products, you need to be more involved:

  • New Influencer Collaborations: When starting with a new creator or less experienced influencers, provide clear guidelines, successful content examples, detailed fact sheets, and product tutorials. Align on the creative concept and review the first draft to ensure accuracy and brand consistency.

  • Complex Products: If your product is intricate, detailed guidance is crucial to prevent misinformation. Make sure to approve content before it goes live.

  • Complex Content Types: Some content formats, like comprehensive product walkthroughs, require more guidance. Simpler formats, such as a “day in my life” video, need less input.

🌟 When to Align on Concepts

As familiarity grows and product complexity decreases, you can relax your control:

  • Regular Collaborations and Experienced Creators: Familiar influencers or those with significant experience need less guidance. They understand your brand and can produce high-quality content with minimal input.

  • New Creative Directions: When exploring new angles, align on the concept but allow the influencer more freedom to innovate.

🌟 When to Trust the Influencer’s Creativity

For trusted long-term partners, you can give them the creative reins:

  • Long-Term Collaborations: Influencers who have consistently partnered with you know your brand well, allowing you to give minimal input.

  • Simpler Content Formats: Formats like Instagram Stories, which are less polished and temporary, are perfect for creative freedom with minimal oversight.

Balancing creative freedom with control depends on your familiarity with the influencer and the complexity of the product. For more such amazing tips for free, check out Return On Influence By Experts from Modash


📢 TikTok Boosts Offline Campaigns with UGC and Introduces New Image App
Insights from Social Media Today 

What’s Up? At Cannes Lions 2024, TikTok unveiled enhanced promotional tools and a new image-sharing app, expanding user and brand engagement possibilities.

The Breakdown:

  • Out of Phone: This Merges TikTok’s interactive “Branded Mission” with offline campaigns, enabling brands to showcase user-generated content (UGC) on billboards, in-store displays, and movie theater ads.

Example: Lionsgate utilized this feature for “The Hunger Games” marketing in Times Square, using creator content for broader reach.

Whee App:

  • Purpose: A new app designed for private photo sharing among friends, encouraging genuine and spontaneous interactions.

  • Features: Users can share daily photos that are only visible to selected friends, enhancing personal connections.

Market Influence:

  • Comparison: Unlike TikTok’s Notes app for public sharing and Lemon8 for eCommerce, Whee is focused on private image sharing, inspired by Xiaohongshu’s success in China.

TikTok’s integration of UGC in offline campaigns and the launch of the Whee app provide innovative ways for creative engagement and diverse sharing experiences, enhancing both online and offline marketing strategies.


📺 Disney Expands Ad Reach, Meta Drops CTA Testing
Insights from The Stacked Marketer

What’s Up? Disney is broadening its advertising opportunities, while Meta is simplifying some ad features, bringing both opportunities and challenges for advertisers.

The Breakdown:

Disney’s Ad Expansion:

  • Increased Ad Space: Disney is now providing more streaming ad slots for advertisers with budgets between $30M and $300M.

  • BridgeID Connections: By linking its ad platform, BridgeID, with systems like Yahoo’s ConnectID, Disney enhances ad targeting accuracy without relying on cookies.

  • Precise Targeting: BridgeID’s integration ensures more accurate ad delivery, appealing to major advertisers.

Meta’s Feature Adjustment:

  • End of CTA Testing: Meta is phasing out its dynamic creative feature for testing CTA buttons.

  • New Ad Format: Instead, Meta introduces a flexible ad format, allowing tests of up to 10 creatives, five texts, five headlines, and five descriptions, excluding CTAs.

  • A/B Testing Requirement: Advertisers must now use A/B testing methods to evaluate CTA effectiveness.

Disney’s expanded ad offerings and precise targeting options present new opportunities for big advertisers. Meanwhile, Meta’s removal of CTA testing requires marketers to adapt their strategies for measuring ad effectiveness.


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