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🎯 Revamp Your Facebook Ad Strategy for Maximum ROI
Insights from Stan Olery 

Most Facebook ad strategies are all too similar:

  • Random user-generated content (UGC) from creators.

  • Traffic campaigns with narrowly targeted interests.

  • Retargeting campaigns focused on IG & FB page visitors.

Can these strategies effectively bring in new customers?

Not really, they tend to overspend.

Yet, many of these brands:

  • Boast 100k+ followers across social platforms.

  • Understand their Lifetime Value (LTV), Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), and contribution margins.

  • Have 30k+ product reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars.

So, they’re sitting on a treasure trove. Here’s how to unlock it using the Customer Archetypes Cards (CACs) process.

Step 0: Identify Potential Customers

Start by asking:

  • Who else faces similar problems and needs as my current customers?

  • What secondary issues are resolved by addressing the primary problem my product solves? Who suffers from these secondary issues?

  • What additional problems does my product solve? Who experiences these problems?

These questions will help you identify multiple potential customer segments.

Step 1: Create Customer Archetype Cards

Each potential customer segment is a unique buying persona. Don’t assume which will convert better—test each one. Document:

  • Age

  • Values

  • Pain Points

  • Needs

  • Wants

  • Goals

Understand these personas thoroughly. The more you know, the better you can tailor your ads to motivate action.

Step 2: Address Objections

Identify the objections for each buying persona. Investigate:

  • Online forums

  • Product reviews

  • Social media comments

  • Post-purchase surveys

If needed, explore your competitors’ reviews and comments. Knowing why some potential customers hesitate is essential.

Step 3: Align Your Brand’s Solutions

Clearly articulate how your brand addresses the needs and solves the problems of each buying persona. This will form the core of your ad content.

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Why This Works:

  • Targeted Messaging: By understanding your customer archetypes, you can create ads that resonate directly with their specific needs and challenges.

  • Data-Driven Decisions: This structured approach ensures you make informed choices, rather than relying on guesswork.

  • Maximized ROI: With a focused strategy, your ad spend is optimized, leading to higher returns.

💡 The Outcome?

By implementing the CAC process, you transform random ad efforts into strategic campaigns that yield consistent, high-impact results. Make every ad a winning offer and watch your customer base expand exponentially!


🚀 AR's Impact on Attention: Enhancing Video with Augmented Reality
Insights from Snapchat

Snapchat, Omnicom Media Group, and Amplified Intelligence conducted a comprehensive study to assess the impact of Augmented Reality (AR) on capturing and sustaining consumer attention in advertising. The results emphasize AR's crucial role in enhancing advertising effectiveness.

The Breakdown

The Attention Journey:

Phase One:

  • Snapchat’s video ads capture twice as much active attention compared to similar ads on other platforms.

Phase Two:

  • Researchers utilized Snap’s Camera Kit SDK, involving over 2,100 respondents and generating 32,000 ad views to study AR’s impact on active attention, brand choice, and loyalty.

Maximizing Attention with AR:

  • Active Attention: Snapchat’s AR experiences generate five times more active attention than industry peers.

  • Brand Lift: AR significantly enhances short-term brand choice and long-term brand loyalty.

  • High Engagement: All AR Lenses drove substantial active attention and brand lifts, with Face Lenses performing best due to their immersive and shareable nature.

  • Extended Attention: AR on Snapchat captures over 12 seconds of active attention, surpassing the average for social mobile in-feed platforms.

  • Incremental Gains: AR provides incremental gains in brand lift, enhancing the impact of existing video ad campaigns.

  • Versatile Impact: Different AR Lenses contribute positively to various marketing objectives. Shoppable Lenses excel in short-term brand lift, while Face Lenses boost both short and long-term metrics.

Implications for Marketers:

  • Dynamic Solution: AR offers a dynamic solution to capture consumer attention in an increasingly challenging landscape, enhancing overall campaign effectiveness.

  • Investment in AR: Investing in AR is crucial for sustained growth and robust brand loyalty. Brands should focus on creating immersive and shareable AR ad formats to maximize their impact.

  • Future of AR: As AR continues to evolve, its role in creating compelling, interactive advertising narratives will grow. For brands aiming to stay ahead, incorporating AR into their marketing strategies is essential for achieving significant attention and driving effective brand engagement.

This study underscores AR's transformative potential in advertising, making it an indispensable tool for marketers looking to capture and maintain consumer attention


👀 Google Case Study Highlights the Impact of Structured Data on Search Visibility
Insights from Search Engine Journal

Google’s latest case study on Indonesian publisher Vidio emphasizes the importance of structured data and best practices in boosting search traffic and discoverability. While the focus was on video-structured data, the insights apply to various content types.

The Breakdown:

CDNs and Indexing Issues: CDNs often use expiring URLs for video and thumbnail files, hindering Google’s ability to index these files effectively.

Recommendation for Stable URLs: Google advises using unique and stable URLs for each video to ensure consistent discovery, processing, and accurate collection of user interest signals.

Structured Data Implementation: Correct use of structured data, such as VideoObject markup, and validating it with Google’s structured data testing tool is crucial.

Results from Vidio’s Implementation:

After implementing VideoObject markup, Vidio experienced significant improvements within a year:

  • 3x increase in video impressions

  • 2x increase in video clicks

  • 30% increase in published videos

Best Practices

Search Console Reports: Utilizing Search Console’s video indexing and performance reports helps identify and fix issues, enhancing overall platform performance.

Structured Data Testing: Regularly validate structured data to ensure it meets Google’s guidelines and maximizes search visibility.

Consistent URL Usage: Ensuring stable URLs for media files is essential for effective indexing and tracking user interest.

Structured Data Benefits: Proper use of structured data can make content eligible for enhanced search features, boosting visibility and engagement.

Site Audits: During site audits, consider all factors, including URL stability and structured data, before attributing ranking drops to algorithm updates.

By ensuring stable URLs and correct structured data, publishers can significantly improve their content’s visibility and engagement on Google Search. This approach aids in better indexing and leverages Google’s enhanced search features to drive more traffic and user interaction.


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🤳🏻Apple introduces "Apple Intelligence" at the Worldwide Developers Conference, spotlighting its potential influence on consumer choices. Coveo reports 91% anticipation of online experiences rivalling in-store ones, with 72% expecting AI-enhanced shopping.

🙅🏻‍♀️Meta denies users the option to prevent their public posts from being used to train AI models, as per user agreements. The license for this usage remains active until content is deleted.


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