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? Better Questions, Better Sales

🌟 Disney and Walmart Unite to Revolutionize Advertising

📊 Analyzing Current Trends in Social Media Advertising

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? Better Questions, Better Sales
Insights from Sven Muchow

To Win in Surveys Simply asking customers “Where did you hear about us?” is no longer enough. To truly optimize marketing efforts and enhance the shopping experience, you need to delve deeper. Here’s how enhanced post-purchase surveys can transform basic data collection into a goldmine of actionable insights.

Advanced Questions for Deeper Insights

Understanding customer motivations and concerns goes beyond basic inquiries. By implementing more detailed questions, brands can gain a clearer picture of what drives purchases and how to improve marketing strategies. Here are some transformative questions to include in post-purchase surveys:

🔎 Identifying Purchase Concerns

"What were the main concerns you had before purchasing?"

This question uncovers hesitations or doubts customers experience, offering clues on how to reassure future buyers.

🧐 Exploring Alternatives

"Did you consider any alternatives? If so, which ones and why?"

Insights from this question reveal your competitors' strengths and your product's relative appeal.

🙇‍♂️ Understanding Decision Factors

"What was the main reason for your purchase?"

An open-ended approach provides more detailed reasons beyond generic answers, allowing for more targeted messaging in marketing.

💪 Evaluating Content Impact

"If you’ve seen any content from us lately, what about it made you decide to buy?"

Responses help pinpoint which marketing materials are most effective at converting sales.

🗣️ Website Improvement Feedback

"Are there any improvements you’d like us to make to our website?"

Direct feedback on website functionality and design can drive significant improvements in user experience.

P.S. Reward their feedback with gifts through Nift! This will not only enhance feedback activity but also give:

💪 CPAs that rival those of Meta & Google
🎯100% trackable customer acquisition
📈 First-party data collection, allowing you to grow your database with customer names, emails, and opt-in permission to retarget

The insights gathered from these advanced surveys should directly inform your advertising strategies and website optimizations. By understanding the specific elements that influence purchasing decisions, you can:

  • Tailor ad content to address common concerns.

  • Highlight advantages over competitors more effectively.

  • Enhance website design and user experience based on direct customer feedback.


🌟 Disney and Walmart Unite to Revolutionize Advertising
Insights from Media Post

What’s Up? Disney and Walmart are teaming up to transform advertising by merging their data, creating a more targeted approach to ad delivery.

The Breakdown:

  • Enhanced Targeting Through Data Sharing: By accessing Walmart’s comprehensive purchase data, Disney can fine-tune ad personalization on Disney+ based on users' buying behaviors, aiming to craft more relevant advertising experiences.

  • Pilot Testing and Broader Applications: The collaboration will commence pilot testing in the second half of this year, with aspirations to broaden these data-driven strategies to connected TV and social media platforms.

  • Launch of Shopsense Retail Media Network: Concurrently, Shopsense is set to debut a retail media network that supports shopping directly via TV broadcasts, starting with services like Paramount Plus where viewers can instantly purchase products seen on-screen.

  • Potential Expansion to TikTok Shop: Plans are underway to incorporate Shopsense’s purchasing capabilities into TikTok, enabling users to buy products directly through video content.

  • Increase in Ad-Supported Streaming Popularity: The rise in ad-supported streaming services, climbing from 8% to 18% in recent months, indicates a shift in viewer preferences towards platforms that blend free content with advertising.

This strategic partnership between Disney and Walmart, coupled with Shopsense’s new initiatives, marks a significant shift towards leveraging integrated data for enhancing consumer engagement and redefining digital advertising strategies.


📊 Analyzing Current Trends in Social Media Advertising
Insights from Northbeam

What’s Up? As we move through 2024, evolving dynamics across various platforms are influencing social media advertising trends.

The Breakdown:

  • TikTok's Challenges: TikTok is experiencing a decrease in ad performance, impacted by concerns over potential bans and the challenge of developing effective creative content at scale. The absence of consistently high-performing ad formats leads to rapidly diminishing returns, starkly contrasting with more predictable platforms like Meta.

  • Meta's Comeback: Meta is enjoying a resurgence in advertising success, fueled by targeted seasonal campaigns such as those for spring and Mother’s Day. The effectiveness of Meta's ads can be attributed to its sophisticated advertising tools and smooth integration with Google’s conversion funnels.

  • Stagnation on Major Platforms: Both YouTube and TikTok are seeing stagnant conversion rates, signaling a critical point for advertisers to rethink and possibly revamp their strategies on these platforms to improve outcomes.

  • Pinterest’s Advancement: In contrast, Pinterest demonstrates a notable increase in conversion rates, driven by seasonal changes and its deliberate efforts to create a more advertiser-friendly platform. Its strong organic search capabilities are enhancing its attractiveness for targeted advertising.

This analysis underscores the necessity of adapting strategies to the specific strengths and audience behaviors of each platform to optimize advertising effectiveness and achieve better returns on investment.


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🗞️Google is rolling out conversion annotations for Google Shopping ads, showcasing product popularity through badges like "best selling" or "1K shopped here recently."

🛒 Shopsense launches retail media platform, for seamless second-screen shopping experiences, viewers can now shop directly from TV.

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