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💡 The Balance Between Value and Sales in eCom Emails

🔑 Enhancing Contextual Ads at Cannes

🚀 Disney and Uber Innovate with New Ad Formats to Boost Engagement

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💡 The Balance Between Value and Sales in eCom Emails
Insights from Tobi Chapman 

Every eCom brand has heard it: “Send value-based emails.”

And while that’s undeniably true, it’s possible to swing too far in the other direction, neglecting sales entirely.

📚 Why Value-Based Emails Matter

Value-based emails are fantastic for:

Nurturing: Building a relationship with your audience.

Educating: Providing useful information that benefits your subscribers.

Indoctrinating: Engaging customers with your brand story and values.

These emails can even generate sales indirectly, without any explicit incentive.

💸 Don’t Forget to Ask for the Sale

However, sometimes you simply need to ask customers to buy. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Promotional and sales-based emails are crucial, but the key is to be strategic.

📈 Strategic Sales Emails

Mix It Up: Alternate between value and promotional emails to keep your audience engaged without feeling overwhelmed by sales pitches.

Targeted Offers: Send personalized offers based on customer behavior and preferences.

Clear CTAs: Ensure your call-to-actions are compelling and straightforward.

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The Takeaway

Balancing value and sales in your email strategy is essential. Nurture your audience with value, but don’t hesitate to ask for the sale. Be strategic, and you’ll see the results. 🌟


🔑 Enhancing Contextual Ads at Cannes
Insights from Reddit

What’s Up? Reddit introduces new Conversation Ads at Cannes Lions 2024, emphasizing authentic engagement through in-thread ad placements for a more trusted advertising experience.

The Breakdown:

Innovative Ad Placement: Reddit’s new Conversation Ads appear within discussion threads, capitalizing on the platform’s strength in fostering genuine conversations. This format aims to connect brands with highly engaged users in contextually relevant spaces.

Enhanced Features: The updated Conversation Ads boast larger, premium media placements. Positioned between user comments, these ads target moments of high engagement and action intent, optimizing brand reach and impact.

Proven Effectiveness: Combining Reddit Feed and Conversation Ads significantly boosts action intent (+2.44% to +5.46%) and brand awareness by 83%. Lenovo’s early adoption resulted in a 40% reduction in CPA and consistent yearly improvements of 30%.

Reddit’s new Conversation Ads, unveiled at Cannes, represent a strategic enhancement in contextual advertising. These updates promise to deliver more impactful, authentic connections between brands and their audiences.


🚀 Disney and Uber Innovate with New Ad Formats to Boost Engagement
Insights from Retail Dive

What’s Up? Disney and Uber are launching cutting-edge ad formats to enhance viewer interaction and increase ad effectiveness, advancing their advertising strategies.

The Breakdown:

Disney’s Enhanced Ad Offerings:

Disney is introducing shoppable and gamified ads across platforms like Disney+ and its programmatic marketplace. Shoppable ads, created with Kerv, feature QR codes for instant purchases, tested by brands such as Nespresso and Target. Gamified ads, developed with BrightLine, include interactive trivia and timed challenges, offering a unique way to engage viewers during ad breaks. These formats aim to provide a more engaging and interactive viewing experience.

Uber’s Expanded Journey Ads:

Uber is extending its Journey Ads to programmatic buyers, providing access to premium ad inventory and valuable first-party data. These ads have demonstrated high performance, with click-through rates exceeding 3% and over 100 seconds of average global view time. Advertisers can leverage detailed user profiles and historical data from Uber and Uber Eats to target their messages more effectively. Uber aims to generate $1 billion in annual ad revenue by 2024, building on the success of its ad initiatives.

Disney and Uber are pushing the boundaries of digital advertising with their innovative formats. By introducing shoppable and gamified ads, both companies seek to enhance user engagement and drive better ad outcomes, leading the way in the evolving digital ad landscape.


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🗝️Google has enhanced Google Analytics by introducing "User Key Event Rate" and "Session Key Event Rate" metrics to improve user conversion tracking.

🤵🏼‍♀️TikTok introduces its new "Symphony" marketing platform, enabling businesses to create virtual characters and allowing brands to use digital influencers to promote products 24/7 through live streams.


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